Orange Pi Zero WiFi: no ARP replies

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I'm connected to my Orange PI Zero over serial. I have a WiFi connection configured in NetworkManager on the Zero to my home AP/gateway, and it can connect to the internet over it.


However: the Zero does NOT reply to ARP requests. I have tried running wireshark on multiple other machines on the same LAN, both wired and wireless, i have run tcpdump on the router, and none of them have EVER seen an ARP reply coming from the Zero.


Obviously this means that no machine on the network can discover the MAC address of the Zero, and cannot connect to it... unless... the Zero first connects out. once the Zero has sent a packet to a machine, the machine will have the Zero's mac address in its ARP table and it doesn't require additional ARP requests to send IP packets, and, say, ssh connections to the Zero will work, but before that it's broken.




edit: actuall, i don't think the Zero is even receiving the ARP requests correctly, even if i send them directly from the AP. I have tried running `tcpdump arp` on the Zero, and I don't see any incoming ARP queries.


you may notice the incoming packet errors in the logs above:


[ 1134.223998] xradio_wlan mmc1:0001:1: [RX] IF=0, Receive failure: 4.

[ 1134.224007] xradio_wlan mmc1:0001:1: dropped received frame



i'm reasonably sure these are related: increasing the incoming ARP query rate, or incoming ICMP packet rate corresponds to an increase in the xradio interrupt rate and the rate of these errors in the logs.


i have logged a bug over here: https://github.com/Icenowy/xradio/issues/11, but i don't even know if the armbian devs track that, or even who is the best person to help track down this issue. anyone know?

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16 hours ago, Spongman said:

my home AP/gateway,


Might I ask - what is the AP/Gateway?


Vendor/Model/Version (and if known, chipset) - based on review of code and the results, the driver is rejecting something at the 802.11 level, so it never makes it up to the IP stack.


It's been mentioned that the XR819 is a bit challenging, as most have implemented the ST CW1200 driver, and folks have been working to sort that device out.


I don't have a board with the XR918, but if I were to debug, I would have a AR9331/9531 based device on OpenWRT, which uses the ATH9K driver, and access down into the WLAN stack to see messaging there.

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