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  1. Realtek lately has been a bit of a pain - lot of chips/variants on 8188, but they're different from a driver level...
  2. IIRC, there was an issue with a the linux headers on one of the more recent Armbian builds - might have been solved...
  3. Pretty early in the morning for US folks - I'm out here in the PDT timezone, which if I recall is 6AM - I'd be ok moving this a couple of hours to 4PM GMT/8AM PDT, which works well for me, as I have teams in the UK/DE that I deal with on the job stuff. That is of course, if you really need/want me present for the meeting.
  4. Sorry - bit busy with the jobby-job... Off the job - some concerns around support for older boards - keeping images over the the legacy... Bit surprised today... seems like AW-H5 has fallen off the supporte path. sfx@'s password: _ _ ____ _ _ _ ____ | \ | | _ \(_) | \ | | ___ ___ |___ \ | \| | |_) | | | \| |/ _ \/ _ \ __) | | |\ | __/| | | |\ | __/ (_) | / __/ |_| \_|_| |_| |_| \_|\___|\___/ |_____| Welcome to Armbian 20.08.3 Bionic with Linux 5.8.11-sunxi64 No end-user supp
  5. Kind of like the stability testing we did for H5 and memory timing... openssl speed -multi 4 Puts a fair load on to the CPU...
  6. the noscan=1 patch take the AP out of compliance with 802.11 simply put - I could fix it, but not inclined to do so... root@cbsim:/etc/config# modinfo ath9k module: /lib/modules/5.4.65/ath9k.ko license: Dual BSD/GPL depends: mac80211,ath9k_hw,ath9k_common,compat,cfg80211,ath name: ath9k vermagic: 5.4.65 mod_unload MIPS32_R2 32BIT root@cbsim:/etc/config# uname -a && hostapd -v Linux cbsim 5.4.65 #0 Sun Sep 13 22:19:27 2020 mips GNU/Linux hostapd v2.10-devel User space daemon for IEEE 802.11 AP management, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator Copyright (c) 2002
  7. Take a look at ModemManager along with libqmi/libmbim... should support this out of the box with the packages installed. It's a Qualcomm MDM9205 solution, similar to QuecTel and others.
  8. To support MX - one would have the rip out the systemd guts, and reimplement everything that systemd does...
  9. The flash part is NAND, not eMMC - probably out of scope due to the effort needed to bring this up to a good solution. If you can run on SDIO, you're probably good to go - the OPi H3 image is a good starting place.
  10. Cool - keep in mind that the M68K on both Mac and NeXT ran in big-endian mode... Looking at the project page, the m68k emu is a bit on the older side... Back in the day, used to have access to an 040 slab - they were neat boxes.
  11. CNX has samples from FA - both the Neo3 and the R2S... unboxing article is up. https://www.cnx-software.com/2020/08/20/nanopi-neo3-and-nanopi-r2s-gateways-review-part-1-unboxing-teardown/ Looking forward to Jean Luc's next article on those two units...
  12. Installing unbound is one things - now you need to configure it - that's why it stops...
  13. Actually it probably makes a difference if the MAC address is not defined on the SOPINE module in the Cluster(F*ck)Board... If you have collisions on the MAC address - you'll be hard to find an issue here, not just at layer 3, but also at layer 2.
  14. wonder if you're running into the back to the future bug on A64...