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G_ether on NanoPi Neo Plus 2


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Hi, I want to use g_ether on NanoPi Neo Plus2.

For Neo Air, I have already figured out how to do this and I can see usb0 in config. But with armbian 5.85 (4.19.38-sunxi64), the same instructions fail at sudo ifconfig usb0 up

with the message "usb0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device".

Could somebody tell me how to activate USB OTG on NanoPi Neo Plus2 and then use g_ether. I think the same holds true for g_serial. This could be an alternative, but I would prever ethernet connection. 

My target: Connect NanoPi Neo Plus2 with NanoPi Neo Air via Ethernet


Thank you for your help!


Steps I followed for g_ether:


Required OS: Armbian 5.75 (FA OS 4.14 misses g_ether module)

Armbian has g_serial for OTG USB as standard. So disable g_serial through rmmod g_serial.

Then configure g_ether:

1.      Go to /etc/ and create (if not existing) the file modules

2.      Add the following lines to this file:



3.      Go to /etc/modprobe.d/ and create the file g_ether.conf

4.      Add the following lines to this file:

options g_ether hostaddr=00:11:22:33:44:55

5.      Go to /etc/network/interfaces.d/ and create the file usb0

6.      Add the following lines to this file (replace with the desired IP address, e.g:

auto usb0

iface usb0 inet static

               address XXX.XXX.XXX.YYY


               gateway XXX.XXX.XXX.1

7.      Go to /etc/ and editing rc.local

8.      Add the following lines to this file:

sudo ifconfig usb0 up

sudo ifconfig usb0 XXX.XXX.XXX.YYY

9.      Check with ifconfig, you shoud see usb0 with the configured IP address


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Hi KSat2_Roach2,

You mentioned you had worked out how to get USB OTG g_ether to work on NanoPi Neo Air in above post.  Was it the steps you outlined above also ?  I would like to do the same thing. 
Thanks for any help with this.   

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