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X96 Mini - Armbian Notes - Wifi and HDMI Audio

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The devil is in the details.

Armbian was partially working so I started over to study the process more closely !

It seems Geek Buying is NOT the same Wifi as WiFi Chip: RTL8189 on Gear Best in the X96 Mini.
iComm SV8051P is not working with Linux and actually not very good on Android 7.1.2 as delivered.

HDMI Audio on 5.4 is WIP as Linux Meson discloses.

Edited by Cool Games
Noob learning to start over with WIP 5.4 on X96 mini clone.

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X96_mini is from Geek Buying in 2018.


Great job with this latest image !
For other noobs here is my initial and latest activity.

I started over with new image
but may have forgotten something.

I had saved with dtb_name "/dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb"




Etcher flashed
Copied above files


Ran armbian-config  for timezone and hostname

test.mp4 audio is soft and distorted from HDTV speaker.
volume control shows built in stereo and no HDMI as I see on my Ubuntu laptop.

dmesg has these initial lines with last one often appearing

root@coolx96:~# dmesg | grep audio
[    7.642965] debugfs: Directory 'c1105400.audio' with parent 'regmap' already present!
[   24.333589] hdmi-audio-codec hdmi-audio-codec.2.auto: hdmi_codec_hw_params() width 16 rate 44100 channels 2


Synaptic only works from terminal not menu.

I find it faster to ssh in with root and use

apt-cache search packagename

and dpkg -l | grep installed_pkgname


apt install, update, upgrade


Again great job.
Now trying to get HDMI audio to sound right.



Edited by Cool Games
Started install over so made it work before commenting here.

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