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Trouble with Orange Pi 3 and HDMI to VGA adapter


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So i recently bought an Orange Pi 3 and the place where I want to set it up only has a VGA monitor, that's why I decided to buy this generic HDMI to VGA adapter. The adapter works correctly with my laptop but I'm having some issues using it with the Orange Pi 3, the adapter does have video output but it randomly loses the signal and goes to black and after a short time it comes back. I initially suspected it was having some power delivering issues, so I decided to plug in an old MP3 charger I had (500mA) to the micro USB port in the adapter (which is there for this cases, I think), but even with external power connected to the adapter it still loses the signal from time to time.


I read in other places that the Raspberry Pi may have some similar issues with some adapters (passive ones I think) and there is even an "hdmi_boost" boot parameter you can set in such scenarios, but of course the Orange Pi doesn't have that. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of adapters in SBCs? Am I doomed to roll the dice again and buy another adapter (with the risk of buying another useless one)?


Thanks in advance.

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15 hours ago, jernej said:

I occasionally experience same issue with my HDMI monitor but not with TV. I suspect that HDMI PHY settings may not be entirely correct, but I couldn't find any problem with them yet.

Actually, I don't have any issue using an HDMI monitor alone, just with the adapter. So it could be related to the PHY implementation, did I hit an edge case? I would gladly help to diagnose the problem if there is any way to do it in that case.

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