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  1. @hexdump Thanks for all testing. I guess Andre will have to figure out Eachlink DRAM bug...
  2. Alexis3D from #linux-sunxi IRC proposed this patch as workaround: Can you test it?
  3. @hexdump Can you test this patch for eMMC? (kindly provided by Alexis3D from #linux-sunxi).
  4. @Alerino Reis If you're using ffmpeg patches from LibreELEC, then you need only this additional patch to make it compatible with mpv. I tested yesterday and it works for me when running without any window manager running with either of these commands: mpv --vo=gpu --gpu-context=drm --hwdec=auto video.mkv mpv --vo=drm --hwdec=auto video.mkv You can append "-v" parameter to check if mpv really uses HW decoding.
  5. Slight correction - Panfrost is open source driver, but LibreELEC uses ARM binary (32-bit GBM version, but 64-bit GBM version also exists on Pine64 wiki).
  6. That's not true. HDMI audio works for example LibreELEC images for Allwinner boards (A64, H3 and H6) and there is an effort to mainline support for it. But that's only for newer SoCs, from A83T onwards (all with DW-HDMI core). I guess I should change status on that page.
  7. @hexdump can you test this patch for DRAM issue? Please remove all workarounds before test.
  8. Maybe, but I doubt. Still, you can check if pin 19 on HDMI connector is wired (HPD pin, source From what I see, BSP also uses this for monitor detection. Anyway, there might be some HW thing, since only STBs show some type of HDMI issues (monitor detection on Eachlink, CEC issue on Tanix TX6). Given that experiments confirmed my theory, I think only 2 GiB can be used. I'm trying to achieve correct detection - 2 GiB without workaround. We'll see. No, not really. eMMC is not so important to me, so I don't think I'll investigate this anytime soon. BTW, initial Tanix TX6 DT was merged to mainline yesterday (without ethernet for now).
  9. meh, I really don't know what to do at this point without actually having HW here. There are several known issues with H6 HDMI driver and they are all strange. Maybe if I manage to fix at least one I'll be able to deduce what could be the reason for others. I have one possible solution in mind for DRAM driver though. I'll make test patch a bit later.
  10. It was not easy at all to come to this point. A lot of new code was written for ffmpeg, cedrus and Kodi to make it work. But since LibreELEC is closed ecosystem, we can afford to make some hacks which would otherwise cause issues with other programs. Anyway, I plan to rework some Cedrus patches these days to remove at least one hack and after that I can try to help you with using that special version of ffmpeg. Reportedly it works fine with unmodified mpv but I didn't test that yet. However, be prepared to pick a lot of patches from latest linux git master. Unfortunately, this is moving target and modified ffmpeg will work with only specific version of Cedrus driver. Once you are able to match ffmpeg and Cedrus driver it's best not to change anything until you have good reason to do so, like extending driver with new features.
  11. @hexdump scratch that, this should be be more appropriate (I think):
  12. @hexdump this is a shot in the dark, but it might change something anyway. Please try this patch:
  13. Thanks, now I have to compare with my working system. Currently all values seem fine, but I have to do more detailed analysis.
  14. @hexdump sorry, I wasn't clear enough, I'm interested in values from non-working setup (5.2.8 without workaround), but those values will be also useful for comparison.