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  1. I occasionally experience same issue with my HDMI monitor but not with TV. I suspect that HDMI PHY settings may not be entirely correct, but I couldn't find any problem with them yet.
  2. Does it help? you can alyways take a look into working config to see if there is anything missing.
  3. Check that CONFIG_SERIAL_DEV_BUS, CONFIG_BT_HCIUART and CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_BCM are enabled in kernel config.
  4. ah, you have to put BCM43430A1.vim there and rename to BCM43430A1.hcd
  5. My patch for OPi Win BT is already in 5.3 so all you have to do is to place properly named BT FW in appropriate place. This repo has all needed files, but I forget which are really needed. I guess you can put everything in /lib/firmware and try again. hciattach is not needed at all. If that doesn't work, please provide full dmesg log.
  6. Sorry for late reply. I tested with and everything works fine. There is GUI sound and also YT videos play fine (with sound). Can you give me output of: edid-decode /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid I suspect your monitor/TV isn't recognized correctly.
  7. Nope, that goes through AC200 chip and there is no driver for it. Unfortunately it's not easy to reuse BSP driver as the API changed too much. If we would have AC100 driver, this would be easy... I might look into it in future... I'll test that a bit later. Anyway, I mostly test using some video files, not with plugins. Note that plugins may have troubles due to recent switch to Python 3 and development version of Kodi.
  8. HDMI audio should work just fine on H6. How did you test it? Which board? Which image? What is your audio format?
  9. I don't think any AW board has custom DDR settings. H3 & H5 DDR3 driver currently supports only 1333MHz timings. It would be great to enable per-board settings, but you will have to come up with that yourself. Remember, there is no documentation for DRAM controller, so all that was reverse engineered.
  10. For T720 you need at least kernel 5.4 and mesa master along with this patch. I'll start testing mesa support for T720 in LibreELEC soon, but according to developer who made T720 mesa PR to LE, it is already quiet good. Hopefully by the time of mesa 20, major bugs will be fixed.
  11. LibreELEC uses it too, but admittedly at low frequency, 270 MHz IIRC, because you don't need higher speed for GUI rendering.
  12. interference from RF and high frequency signals?
  13. No need, I also follow this forum Currently I don't have any H6 board set up, but I'll test in following days.
  14. Bluetooth on OrangePi Win will be available in 5.4 (if firmware is included in the image). Check this.
  15. GBM version is already used in LE, just not for any kind of desktop environment, but for direct rendering. AFAIK you need X11 version for Xorg, but yes, GBM is needed for Wayland server, whereas wayland version is used by wayland clients. Usually GBM and wayland support are combined into one mali blob, but IIRC, for T720, there are two separate blobs.