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  1. As you wish. There is still simplefb and dev images are not supported anyway and problem will mostly correct itself in 2 months
  2. I'm not sure I'm following you. To be clear, what kind of patches would you like to see for 4.16? Old, new or none? With old or new I mean old out of tree driver and with new new driver which was merged for 4.17. This is just me being lazy. Old DT HDMI audio changes should be equaly useful for this, since the idea is the same. They just need to be rebased and new boards have to be added. That's why the commit has work "hack" in it.
  3. You mean using old patches? Why? Check top 3 patches here what needs to be done for HDMI audio. Not much. I2S driver is good enough.
  4. @zador.blood.stained @Igor Do you prefer having each patch in separate file or can I join patches in one file? If we decide to backport, there will be around 30 new patches.
  5. audio works with two small DRM patches and few DT changes, so not a big deal, except resolving DT changes.
  6. HDMI may work from u-boot+simplefb, unresolved patches are for the DRM. @Igor zador is correct. Patches can be dropped only when 4.17 is released, so in about 2 months. However, there are many DRM changes in 4.16 so it may be better to backport patches from 4.17, but there are many, including in clocks subsystem. Maybe I can find time to look into that later this week.
  7. 1280X1024 resolution Orange Pi

    It's a bit harder than that, since A64 has a binary blob for HDMI in BSP. However, ayufan successfully replaced that blob with a code ported from H3. I'm not sure this patch is present in Armbian.
  8. Armbian for OrangePi PC2, AllWinner H5

    Fortunately, VPU driver is around 95% usable also for newer SoCs. I have a feeling that H6 support will become useful a bit quicker.
  9. They only reach decoding goals on kickstarter, not encoding, so there is no guarantee they will make such driver. At least in proposed time frame.
  10. HowTo: Setting up resolution 1600x900

    I'm not sure there is one. Igor just gave you pointers to create it.
  11. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Today A83T HDMI driver was merged Now to the H3/H5 driver, which should be more straightforward for mainlining. Seems like with 4.17 there will be no need for DRM patches, except maybe for A64 (depends when Icenowy can get DE2 clocks & SRAM patches merged).
  12. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Yeah, DE2 improvements were merged some time ago, but currently I'm waiting on A83t HDMI driver review which is a bit stuck. I hope it will be merged in time for 4.17.
  13. OpenRISC core (AR100) for the real-time tasks

    AFAIK, mainline kernel runs in unsecure mode, where you can't write to secured registers like R_CPUCFG.
  14. Are you sure you're not mixing USD and EUR? Kickstarter currently shows 17668 EUR. Doubtful, but there's a lot of knowledge already in form of registers description on wiki and working prototypes like libvdpau-sunxi and sunxi-cedrus (v4l2 driver they are finishing it now).
  15. Fortunately, periphery on them is mostly the same or for iteration better, so at least basic support is quickly added. But yes, libdram situation is very irritating.