GPIO in/output for Amlogic boards without dedicated gpio header possible?

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Hi, I plan on running octoprint on my Amlogic S912 china android box.

Now I need to connect a filament runout sensor via gpio, in a octoprint plugin one specifies the used pins.


Unfortunately my device has no dedicated gpio header built in, so I want to ask:

Is there a way (that maybe works easily with armbian) to have gpio somehow? Like some usb stick with gpio on it that can forward gpio in and output?

I have a pi zero lying around and found this https://github.com/raspberrypi/gpioexpander/wiki where some pigpio library is mentioned.

But no idea if or how this could work on an Amlogic box.

Any ideas?

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The software you are referencing is for RPI will not work on other devices without major ports. On the other hand the TV boxes typically do not have GPIOS exposed so is a poor choice for custom octoprint controller. I think it will be better off if you use a cheap SBC with armbian. I run my octo print in a $15-OpiZero 512MB with out problems. I made a mini distribution with octo print just plug an play.






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