GPIO Interruptions are slow, H5 board



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I have checked that the GPIO Interruptions are very slow.


If i receive a wave in a GPIO with  IRQ edge enable, for a frequency of 100Hz, all IRQs detected are right (100 interruptions received)


However if i increase the frequency of the wave up to 500Hz, i can't detect all the IRQs received, (50 interruptions received more or less)


Well, i think maybe, the solution is to change the following kernel parameter:     CONFIG_HZ=1000 instead CONFIG_HZ=250 (default)


What do you think ??

Is there other solution??    


Thanks a lot in advance

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After more checks, the problem is about the pulse width. I mean, i am receiving a pulse wave in GPIO IRQ pin.


If the width of the pulse is big, no problem ... all IRQs are right, but if the pulse width is very little, a lot of IRQ are not detected. 


The pulse with that i need to receive is only 20 useg 


So it is not a problem of frequency

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