Pine64+ with latest armbian Armbian_20.02.1_Pine64_bionic_current_5.4.20.img fails to boot

Denes Magyar


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Guys! I have two of the original Pine64+ boards from the kickstarter (with LCD) and tried to launch the latest armbian image on them. Both of them freezes in u-boot after it tries to evaluate USB connections...
Rather strange, they work well with the ancient original images.


U-Boot SPL 2019.10-armbian (Feb 17 2020 - 09:25:19 +0100)
DRAM: 2048 MiB
Trying to boot from MMC1
NOTICE:  BL31: v2.2(debug):9560593-dirty
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 09:25:06, Feb 17 2020
NOTICE:  BL31: Detected Allwinner A64/H64/R18 SoC (1689)
NOTICE:  BL31: Found U-Boot DTB at 0x4095dd0, model: Pine64+
INFO:    ARM GICv2 driver initialized
INFO:    Configuring SPC Controller
INFO:    PMIC: Probing AXP803 on RSB
INFO:    PMIC: dcdc1 voltage: 3.300V
INFO:    PMIC: dcdc5 voltage: 1.360V
INFO:    PMIC: dcdc6 voltage: 1.100V
INFO:    PMIC: dldo1 voltage: 3.300V
INFO:    PMIC: Enabling DC SW
INFO:    BL31: Platform setup done
INFO:    BL31: Initializing runtime services
INFO:    BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 843419 was applied
INFO:    BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 855873 was applied
INFO:    BL31: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
INFO:    Entry point address = 0x4a000000
INFO:    SPSR = 0x3c9

U-Boot 2019.10-armbian (Feb 17 2020 - 09:25:19 +0100) Allwinner Technology

CPU:   Allwinner A64 (SUN50I)
Model: Pine64+
DRAM:  2 GiB
MMC:   mmc@1c0f000: 0
Loading Environment from EXT4... ** File not found /boot/boot.env **

** Unable to read "/boot/boot.env" from mmc0:1 **
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   phy interface7
Could not get PHY for ethernet@1c30000: addr 1
eth-1: ethernet@1c30000
230454 bytes read in 13 ms (16.9 MiB/s)
starting USB...
Bus usb@1c1a000: USB EHCI 1.00
Bus usb@1c1a400: USB OHCI 1.0
Bus usb@1c1b000: USB EHCI 1.00
Bus usb@1c1b400: USB OHCI 1.0
scanning bus usb@1c1a000 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found
scanning bus usb@1c1a400 for devices... 1 USB Device(s)␀

That [nul] character comes randomly at the first or second USB scanning attempt. PSU is big enough (3A) and is powered via the header pins.


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