cloning hard disk after

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hi all .


i think sd card is much shorter life time and restricted size ( 64G ~ 128G and big size is too expensive ).

so as server , i like to use hard disk as root .

for this purpose , is excellent ( but too complex for me to understand ) .


i use on odroid-c2 armbian .


and on working armbian , i run next script .

( the timing to attach sdb is about 10~15 second later after armbian booting ) .

sda1 is cloned to sdb1 .



ntpd -s
echo '--------------------'
umount /mb1
mount /dev/sdb1 /mb1
echo '--------------------'
read X
echo $X
cd /mb1
mkdir -p bin            etc home lib                 opt        root       sbin  selinux  srv            usr var  
for x in /bin          /etc /home /lib               /opt      /root       /sbin /selinux /srv          /usr /var
rsync -avHx --delete  $x/  /mb1$x/
cd /mb1
mkdir -p     boot  dev                  media   mnt       proc         run                      sys  tmp 


it works for me .


detail is at


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