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  1. I've just installed latest minimal image (https://dl.armbian.com/bananapipro/Buster_current_minimal) and found some issues: Doing apt-get update results in: 30 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 0 B/49.8 MB of archives. After this operation, 618 kB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Preconfiguring packages ... dpkg-deb: error while loading shared libraries: dpkg-deb: unsupported version 0 of Verneed record dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/base-files_10.3+deb10u3_armhf.deb (--unpack): dpkg-deb --control
  2. I successfully tested rotary encoder device overlay with armbian-add-overlay. Source is here https://github.com/teknoid/dac/blob/master/misc/gpio-rotary.dts @zador.blood.stained you may add this to the example directory on github.
  3. I know... Odroid C2... it's a nightmare. Thats why I moved to Nanopi and I was very surprised that I got a recent 4.x kernel up and running with all board features working that I need. As long as I can simply replace the kernel by myself everything is fine...
  4. Hi @Igor I just tested the nightly neo2 image on my second plus2 device - It works. But I _strongly_ recommend using the official friendlyarm's 4.11.2 kernel. The linux-sunxi kernel included in your armbian image does not really fit at the moment. If you replace the kernel I think you can release an official armbian for NanoPi NEO2 / Plus2 devices - coming hopefully in ~35 days ;-) root@'s password: _ _ ____ _ _ _ ____ | \ | | __ _ _ __ ___ | _ \(_) | \ | | ___ ___ |___ \ | \| |/ _` | '_ \ / _ \| |_) | |
  5. btw. I use both internal USB ports: one is conneted to a harddisk /dev/sda and the other fires my ES9018 DAC via USB XMOS interface. hje@sabre:~$ dmesg |grep sda [ 3.656921] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 781422768 512-byte logical blocks: (400 GB/373 GiB) [ 3.657914] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write Protect is off [ 3.657918] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Mode Sense: 43 00 00 00 [ 3.661772] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA [ 5.881354] sda: sda1 [ 5.887091] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk hje@sabre:~$ aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hard
  6. @Igor, could you please provide a debian based installation for the neo plus2? I only found the ubuntu xenial image for the moment. In the mean time I manually installed stretch to my neo plus2 device: preparations: - cross compile uboot and kernel from friendlyarm's git - install ubuntu image (or dietpi or something else) on external sdcard drive installation: - boot system from sdcard - dd the nanopineo2 image to internal emmc drive - still boot kernel from sdcard but set root to emmc (setenv bootargs "console=ttyS0,115200 ear