Enable Winstar WF101 TFT display on Olimex Lime2

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I am trying to enable Winstar TFT display on Olimex Lime2 board under the kernel 5.4. Display spec is here:




Up to the day we've been using the legacy kernel 3.4 and the display worked fine -- the u-boot was compiled with the settings (CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_MODE, CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_POWER etc) suggested here:



When I try to use the same settings in the mainline sources of armbian, the display does not work. I've enabled backlight with a DTS overlay and the backlight works but the display stays blank.


Here is the output of dmesg:


[    2.846134] printk: console [ttyS0] enabled
[    2.851759] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1e00000.display-frontend (ops 0xc0a8c028)
[    2.851861] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1e20000.display-frontend (ops 0xc0a8c028)
[    2.852303] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1e60000.display-backend (ops 0xc0a8b868)
[    2.852610] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1e40000.display-backend (ops 0xc0a8b868)
[    2.853113] sun4i-drm display-engine: No panel or bridge found... RGB output disabled
[    2.853130] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1c0c000.lcd-controller (ops 0xc0a8a590)
[    2.853543] sun4i-drm display-engine: No panel or bridge found... RGB output disabled
[    2.853559] sun4i-drm display-engine: bound 1c0d000.lcd-controller (ops 0xc0a8a590)


[    2.892843] fb0: switching to sun4i-drm-fb from simple


And these are u-boot settings:




I am at loss and any suggestions will be hightly appreciated.

Thank you!

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