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  1. Solved. I had to disable ldo3 in DTB. Now it works as expected... BAH
  2. ok, thank you for the reply. Hope to get other tests. Cheers
  3. Hello Igor, thanks for the reply. Could you please share "/etc/modules" content and your dts if they're different from the standard build? Do you use any additional overlay file?
  4. with battery attached. Mine reboots also when I issue poweroff command. Without battery it shuts down regularly.
  5. Hi, did you try o attach a LiPo Battery to a Lime2 with latest uboot 2020.04 and kernel 5.4 and see if it shuts down correctly or it reboots?
  6. Hello all, If i detach battery all works ok. With attached battery system reboots instead of shutting down. Anyone experiencing this issue again with 5.4.21 kernel? Is there a workaround to solve it, maybe in u-boot or somewhere else? Armbian 20.05.0-trunk built from source Thank you
  7. its "de" in DT. you can comment/remove &de { status = "okay"; }; in dt so the i2c hdmi adapter will not be initialized or you can use aliases to define i2c buses like aliases { i2c0 = &i2c0; i2c1 = &i2c1; i2c2 = &i2c2; i2c3 = &i2c3; }; so the i2c hdmi adapter will be named i2c-4
  8. Hi all, as in title, gpio not work on latest Lime2 5.59 built from source using mainline 4.14.70 kernel and debian stretch. I can export correctly the gpios in sysfs but i cant get the right value. They always remain the same value. I've tried both pulled up and internal pulled up (active low) gpios with the same result. Also gpio buttons defined in dtc do not work. Any idea?
  9. Hi, could anyone tell me how to disable pek short interrupt in mailine? I've already tried with "i2cset -f -y 0 0x34 0x42 0x01" but with no success. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  10. Hello HeinrichG, i'll try within this week and let you know. Thank you for now
  11. Hello HeinrichG, could you explain what exactly you did? tnx
  12. Hello zador, what should i change in boot.scr in order to boot mainline instead of legacy kernel?