Pine64 H64 model-B case modding.



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Since I still couldn't find a enclosure for my Pine64 H64 model-B, I mocked up one myself using a Eur 6,50 Raspberry Pi 4 case.  


1) From the USB/ETH connector side I cut out the sections in between the connectors since there is a small offset that pushes the Pine64 board aside when closing the case.

2) From one of the cover lulls, I cut out a section to fit over the IR sensor.

3) On the HDMI side I cut out the two ports holes of the RPI micro hdmi connections  and I made a notch in the USB-C hole to fit the power connector of the Pine64.

4) Drilled a hole in the cover large enough for the WIFI/BT antenna connector, on the board, to fit through.


The pcb takes the exact same mounting points inside the enclosure as the rpi4, so you don't have to fiddle around there.  MicroSD card slot matches exactly


I only forgot to add some holes for the two buttons (Reset/Poweroff) on the SDcard side.


A very thin hot knife works very nice to cut in/out the case material.










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