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Gigabit ethernet only half speed

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I have a small beelink Z83 box running windows 10 connected via ethernet to my router and my 1G/100Mbit fiber connection.



running speedtest windows store app on this computer, usually it is closer to 980/110, ping is usually 1-2ms




next to it I have a beelink GT1 octa core box running armbian 20.04 rc, connected via ethernet to my router (Linksys EA7500)



running speed test on it produces 400-500Mb tops, usually it produces near 500mb/s and 100mb upload which seems like it is capped, also ping is at least double at 4+ms




same router, same network connection, stronger hardware specs


ethtool eth0, after I disabled auto negotiation:




I tried the speedtest to the same server 100 times and never it went over 500mb/s, 


what can be capping it?

any configurations I can try?


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I had a similar problem on one of my boxes.  Turns out that Speedtest was at fault.


From Ookla:


Performance - all of the open source versions use an ancient version of our test engine that predates our Flash test. Yeah it's that old. This is not ideal for fast connections. We've also seen popular versions that are impacted by DNS timings and all sorts of other methodology issues. In addition, most are written in high level languages, which typically have issues hitting high bandwidth levels.

You can get a modern version for your platform from https://www.speedtest.net/apps/cli

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