Desktop HW Acceleration on A64

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Hi, this is not a complaint, just wondering if I am doing something wrong.


When I try "any(Pine64,Sopine,Olinuxino-A64,Bananapi-M64)" A64 board with armbian 3.10.x kernel, desktop performance  is quite satisfactory.



But when I build armbian in docker, both 5.4 and 5.6 kernels, I experience dramatic slowdown on desktop performance, even cursor is moving slowly.


Here are armbian monitor logs:




Here is how it looks on BPI-m64 as an example:


In both images, lima module is loaded and running. I know having GPU hardware acceleration with open source drivers are not on par with closed binaries, but I wasn't expecting this difference.


Is it a known issue or am I doing something wrong ?


If it is a known issue,  can I build armbian with 3.10 (legacy) kernel ?  Is there a guide for this?



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