Configure LCD in U-boot for Orange pi zero plus

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I am trying to configure a splashscreen in u-boot on an orange pi zero plus using Armbian.


The screen is connected through spi1 using the ST7789v chip of the LCD. I have successfully configured the screen when the kernel is loaded.


I already have used systemd to display a splashscreen however I find it slow to display something. It display something only after ~12 sec. I could probably reduce that time a bit by loading the service earlier but it would never start in 5 sec.


I have tried unsuccessfully to activate CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_MODE (VIDEO_LCD_MODE) in u-boot which allow to configure an LCD. It seems that it is not allowed because it depends on !MACH_SUNXI_H3_H5.


How can I configure the output to the LCD via the SPI 1 ?


It seems that u-boot doesn't take in charge spi as a video output. I can see LCD, HDMI, DVI, VGA,... but no SPI. Is it possible to configure the SPI as LCD? Or to send framebuffer to the SPI to display the splashscreen?

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