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Hello there, i just exporting android dtb from /root/dev/dtb and convert it to dts, here's the screenshot :




i'm confused to translate it (android dts) to armbian (linux dts) 

is there any complete tutorials / guides / software to convert / translate that android dts to armbian dts ?

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There is not really "translation" between android dts to linux dts. Android could be considered a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian.

What you are referring as "android" dts is nothing more than a device tree wrote for a very old Linux kernel (probably 3.10 or 3.14).

As long as things change during time, so the device tree specifications become more standardized and well-defined. Device trees for old kernels (3.10 is very old nowadyas) are very messy and generally harder to read and understand.


Device trees describe the hardware equipment of  your board. On the x86 world there is something which was used to be called Plug&Play in the early days: Plug&Play let the devices expose themselves to the operating system, which is able to discover and configure them properly without the user intervention. On ARM side this mechanism does not yet exists (to be precise, something exists, but is not available on SBCs), so to let the hardware being discovered you have to tell the operating system. The device tree does exactly this.


All the properties and nodes in the device tree are read back by the kernel and kernel drivers. The "compatible" property tells the kernel which driver needs to be loaded, the driver then reads the node properties to know the resources associated with the device (memory regions, registers, interrupts, dma channels, gpio pins, etc...) and its specific characteristics (for example the clock frequency, FIFO queues, etc...), so it can proceed to initialize and make the device available to the system.


Being aware of this and getting back to the original question, there is no magic translation tool, you have to do the hard job of reading the old device tree and translate into the new. Experience and documentation are fundamental (you can find the documentation on the device tree bindings shipped with every linux kernel in Documentation/devicetree/bindings directory). Intuition and general knowledge of how electronic devices work are very helpful for such task.



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