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simple, but ever so slightly newbie-style, DT overlays for rk3399 overclocking

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Please forgive the badly formatted post, I am a bit new here.


I was trying to overclock my RockPro64 and ended up writing a  device tree overlay (and a rather rudimentary one at that).


wasn't sure how to contribute it so I am posting the code here instead. Please note, however, that up until yesterday, I had never written a device tree overlay, so this will not be in the correct format by any stretch of the imagination. I just figured I would post them here as a starting point for anyone who wishes to create a properly formatted dts file to contribute.


I got the values that I used from this page on the pine64 wiki: https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Overclocking#Rockchip_RK3399_based_boards


&{/opp-table0} {
	opp06 {
		opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <2080000000>;
		opp-microvolt = <1250000>;

&{/opp-table2} {
	opp06 {
		opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <950000000>;
		opp-microvolt = <1200000>;


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