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New Review video of the old OPi+ and OPi+2 / Allwinner H3

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Hi all.
Here my newest video about old boards that still do their job well.
OrangePi+ and OPi+2.
My favorite NAS.

Here all my gathered data.


OPi+                                             OPi+2
----                                             -----
Specs                                            specs
-----                                            ----- 
Allwinner H3 quad-core Cortex-A7 Max 1.37Ghz     
1GB ddr3                                         2GB ddr3
8GB eMMC                                         16GB eMMC
10/100 Ethernet                                  Gbit ethernet
4 x USB2 type A + 1 USB2 OTG                     
Barrel Jack
40 pin gpio
wifi 2.4Ghz
3.5 mm Jack + microphone
Released February 2015                           December 2015

Transfer speeds OPi+
                    read         write         acces time
                    ----         -----         ----------
On-board sd-card    23.6 MB/s    21.7 MB/s      0.51 msec
eMMC 8GB            85.2 MB/s    25   MB/s      0.55 msec  write goes from 30 MB/s to 15 MB/s
SATA HD2.5" 256GB   35   MB/s    15.5 MB/s     23.90 msec
USB2 HD 1.5TB       35   MB/s    34   MB/s     15.64 msec
SFTP file transfer  14   MB/s    11.4 MB/s                 1.5TB HDD to NanoPi M4V2
zram                 1.4 GB/s                   0.01 msec
Internet ethernet   44.3 Mbps    11.5 Mbps     11.0  msec   5.5MB/s

Transfer speeds OPi+2
                      read         write         acces time
                      ----         -----         ----------
On-board sd-card      23.6 MB/s    21.6 MB/s     0.51 msec
eMMC 16GB             81.5 MB/s    21.5 MB/s     0.35 msec write starts at 44 MB/s and then goes down to 10 MB/s     
USB2 SamsungBar       24.7 MB/s    12.3 MB/s     0.89 msec
USB2 SSD to USB3      38.2 MB/s    34.4 MB/s     0.72 msec
SFTP file transfer    17   MB/s    10   MB/s 
SATA HDD2.5" 256GB    31   MBs     15.1 MB/s    23.86 msec
zram Armbian Focal     0.87GB/s                  0.01 msec     
zram Armbian Buster    1.0 GB/s                  0.01 msec
zram Armbian Bionic    1.2 GB/s                  0.01 msec
Internet over wifi    18.9 Mbps    11.59 Mbps    27.0 msec 

SD-Card used is a 128GB Sandisk Extreme

OrangePi+       | Clock S/C    | B/C         | Blender   | 7z S/C    | 7Z Multi  | glxgears | CPUMiner  | SBCBench  
Armbian Bionic    1.37Ghz                      1h43m52s    1085        3640                               http://ix.io/2DeH   heatsink no fan throttle to 1.3Ghz at 80C, lower at 85C OPi+
Armbian Bionic    1.37Ghz                      1h36m39s    1083        3870                               http://ix.io/2Dah   heatsink + fan    Opi+

OrangePi+/+2    | Clock S/C    | B/C         | Blender   | 7z S/C    | 7Z Multi  | glxgears | CPUMiner  | SBCBench  
Armbian Buster    1.37Ghz                                  1076        3927                               http://ix.io/2CWo   heatsink + fan    / Blender unstable at all frequencies
Armbian Buster    1.37Ghz                                  1077        3447/3230                          http://ix.io/2Dgr   heatsink no fan
Armbian Focal     1.37Ghz                                  1024        3451                               http://ix.io/2D9s   heatsink + fan    / Blender 2.82, doesn't work
Armbian Bionic    1.37Ghz                      1h49m36s    1078        3810                               http://ix.io/2Dbg   heatsink + fan
Armbian Bionic    1.37Ghz                                  1076        3380                               http://ix.io/2DgC   heatsink no fan

All with performance governor and 1.37Ghz. Idle will be lower with ondemand or lower clockspeed

OPi+ with kernel 4.19.62 vs OPi+2 with kernel 5.8.5 / 1080p has higher temperatures than 720p

No fan idle OPi+       48C 720p     52C 1080p
No fan maxed OPi+      Throttle at 75C to 1.3Ghz at 80C to 1.2Ghz doesn't go higher than 80C    
Fan idle OPi+          27C
Fan maxed OPi+         54C

No fan idle OPi+2      58C
No fan maxed OPi+2     Throttle at 75C to 1.3Ghz, 80C 1.2Ghz and lower at 85C lower. Barely reaches 85C 
Fan idle OPi+2         33C
Fan maxed OPi+2        60C 2 heatsinks+fan 64C with 1 heatsink+fan

Power consumption
Idle nothing connected        : 0.45 A -|> 2.25W
Maxed out nothing connected   : 0.9  A -|> 4.5W

Youtube Playback
@720p display res 480p youtube with Firefox. Max 720p30fps

Focal performs less while running hotter? OPi+ runs cooler than OPi+2. Both Armbian Focal, the same task, OPi+2 even 2 heatsinks vs 1 the same lower heatsink. OPi+2 with 1 heatsink runs even hotter. 10C difference
Debian Buster can't run Blender stable. Always crashes after about 30minutes.
Focal can't run Blender. 2.82 in repo. Can't run without OpenGL 3.3
Runs best at 720p

Uses modern mainline kernel
SATA + Power for 2.5" HDD
eMMC, so no SD-card needed
Well supported by Armbian
Good enough for NAS

Aging armhf architecture
Needs good cooling when used maxed out. Heatsink sufficient for light tasks. Fan needed for maxed out tasks
OPi+ doesn't have Gbit ethernet. So don't buy it anymore. OPi+2 has better specs
Not powerful enough to be used as desktop (of course it isn't)
Does not shutdown on its own
Bad naming. OPi1+, OPiZero+, OPi+2e... 


Greetings, NicoD 

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