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Pine64+ with OV5640 - guvcview and fswebcam


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For those of you following my saga.... Here is the preview of Pine64+ with OV5640.

Driver needs some work, but i have something working.


Xenial LTS - kernel 3.10.102 - aarch64



window res: 2592x1936

window res: 1280x720
window res: 640x480
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Which kernel and modules did you use?

I've tried manage to work Himax HM5065 camera, on Debian Linux Jessie with Mate GUI Image [20160701] by lenny.raposo with Longsleep kernel but no success.

v4l registers null device (i guess because of null clock, which is mentioned in kernel error message). I can provide error message a bit later, when i get my hands on the board again

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If you have the FPC sensor in L format you have s5k4ec.

If you can install the dependencies, this distro is fine.


'v4l registers null device' because you failed to activate the sensor, whatever the sensor you have s5k4ec ou hm5065.

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I confirm that this is s5k4ec. I even managed to get /dev/video0 by following your github instructions (https://github.com/avafinger/pine64_camera).


Now I'm rebuilding guvcview, because I have older libs on my debian, than you've built your binaries against.


Can you, please tell me where can I find the soruce of your sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dtb file for s5k4ec?

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