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  1. Banana Pi Zero

    Hmm... Waiting for 4.4 on A64/H5... I asked myself why did i rush to 4.14.y when: "LTS is LTS. Greg Kroah-Hartman, the LTS maintainer, is committing to do [a six-year LTS]. Not because of Google or Android or Treble, but because everything is on LTS; it’s not on upstream." [itsfoss]
  2. teamviewer on Armbian for Android TV box

    Have you tried this?: Ops, sorry, i see now you want unattended access, you may need to install some other armhf dependencies.
  3. request for Banana Pi M64

    uEnv.txt, ArmbianEnv.txt are dependents on which u-boot version is in use and patches applied, i can tell you u-boot 2017.09 can be used to load and run legacy and mainline kernel and that depends on which patches are applied and how is configured. I don't know if there is a wiki/documentation somewhere (possibly there is) , i usually search here in Armbian forum (as @tkaiser say most of problems and solutions are already fixed/done some time ago) or you can refer to https://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot and also https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt
  4. request for Banana Pi M64

    Please try: root=UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx instead of root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 where xxxxxx is your rootfs UUID
  5. request for Banana Pi M64

    @seandroid Please, try to use this instructions here, and set res to 720p, it has latest kernel fix. HDMI -> VGA not always works, it depends on many factors (quality,etc,etc...) and resolutions. Can't do much about this.
  6. request for Banana Pi M64

    I have played a bit to the proposed Change kernel args and have this workaround: Assuming you have the latest Image from that link and applied the /etc/fstab content described there. ** Be aware that it will ONLY boot if an "empty" SD CARD is inserted ** Here are the steps to boot from eMMC and have an "empty" (say 64 GB) sdcard as a big storage: * Boot from eMMC * type in shell sudo sed -i -e 's/blk0/blk1/g' /etc/fstab * edit the file /boot/uEnv.txt like so sudo leafpad /boot/uEnv.txt add the line at the beggining: root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 The contents will be like: root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 no_console_suspend kernel_filename=a64/Image initrd_filename=initrd.img ethaddr=36:c9:e3:f1:b8:05 optargs=disp.screen0_output_mode=1080p60 save type in shell: sudo sync sudo shutdown -h now Wait till it shutdowns completely, remove power, insert your "empty" SD CARD into the slot and boot the board, to have access to the SD CARD you need to install auto-mount or mount it manually like so: type in shell: sudo mkdir -p sdcard sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 sdcard Now you have the board booted from eMMC and can read/write from/to SD CARD (sdcard directory) if you are root. Adjust this to have user permission to access the sdcard directory. Good luck.
  7. request for Banana Pi M64

    Just for the record, i looked at boot log, boot device ID becomes 1 when there is SD CARD inserted, so kernel cannot find rootfs. The solution for that specific Image to boot from eMMC with "empty" SD CARD inserted would be one of this: * Use UUIDs * Fix u-boot to pass correct ID * Change kernel args manually
  8. request for Banana Pi M64

    Ok, i gave it a try with "empty" SD CARD right now and in fact kernel 3.10 booted up but hangs in somewhere after setting up HDMI. Possible a oops , since i don't have a serial output log to have a look at, i can't give exact error. Maybe i will try with mainline kernel this weekend...
  9. request for Banana Pi M64

    MMC device number has been swapped on newest OS Image, the new OS Image has this fixed. Since i don't know which Image is in use and without serial console logs is hard to give some advice. Sorry, but what puzzled me is that you say you can boot from eMMC with an empty SD card inserted, that's what I suppose he wants to do. Is this really possible or i misanterstood? Did you really follow the instructions printed there? Where it says you need to create a new partition? The instructions are easy to follow: Clone the repo in your host PC running linux git clone https://github.com/avafinger/bpi-m64-firmware cd bpi-m64-firmware Flash SD CARD sudo chmod +x *.sh sudo ./burn_sdcard.sh /dev/sdX or sudo ./burn_sdcard.sh /dev/mmcblkN where X a letter from [b,c....z] , please find your device letter if you use a USB card reader/writer where N is a number [0,1,..6], please find your device number if you have a built in SD CARD reader/writer on your PC Host. ** WARNING** Choosing wrong device number or letter can WIPE your hard disk. Boot with this SD CARD inserted After you boot with this SD CARD, clone the repo again and run in Shell: sudo chmod +x *.sh sudo ./burn_emmc.sh sync sudo shutdown -h now Wait till shutdown completes, power down the board and remove SD CARD. Boot again without SD CARD inserted. And finally if you have a new board, you need to update the wifi firmware. Run in shell: sudo chmod +x *.sh sudo ./update_wifi_bt.sh sync sudo reboot If you want PPP support or get a new Kernel: run in shell: wget https://github.com/avafinger/bpi-m64-firmware/raw/master/fstab sudo cp -vf ./fstab /etc/fstab sync sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sync sudo reboot wget https://github.com/avafinger/bpi-m64-firmware/raw/master/linux-image-3.10.105-a64_1.0-2.deb sudo dpkg -i linux-image-3.10.105-a64_1.0-2.deb sync sudo reboot This instructions is all you need and no need for you to create anything. Hope this helps! And if you want to boot from eMMC and with empty SD CARD inserted i really don't know how to do it, sorry.
  10. request for Banana Pi M64

    AFAIK the boot order is: 1 - If there is an SD CARD inserted boots from the SD CARD 2 - If no SD CARD, try to boot from NAD 3 - if no NAND, try to boot from eMMC If you have your SD CARD empty i think it will not BOOT, @zador.blood.stained knows more about it.
  11. kernel 4.14.0 on H2+

    Yeah, answering my own question FBTFT is on SPI1 on DUO and SPI0 on NEO H5. So, if 4.14 runs on H2 it runs on H5 too!
  12. kernel 4.14.0 on H2+

    I have not applied any patch regarding ethernet except xr819 (which is still bad), so i got ethernet running by accident, possibly. What i know is working but have not done any becnhmark. DT has FBTFT setup to spidev0, but i think it would work only on spi1, right or wrong?
  13. kernel 4.14.0 on H2+

    Fixed. NanoPi DUO with kernel 4.14.0, fast, solid as rock. That's it. Job accomplished. ethernet:
  14. kernel 4.14.0 on H2+

    Some progress with my DT, only missing ALSA device finding. Will try to fix that. Kernel switched to megous (Credits) with very little tweaks. Works very nice with nano pi DUO + SHIELD for tests. If @Igor or @zador.blood.stained wants to push that to test or fix the ALSA thing let me know how to proceed. Next step is to work with banana pi zero DT when i receive it. kenel 4.14.0: lsmod
  15. kernel 4.14.0 on H2+

    Yes, fully working. I have not done any benchmark or stress test. I tried to make DT from scratch for DUO without success and now it is based on opi pc. BTW i have not heard there was any issue with ethernet in 32 bit. PS: If you mean wifi, i am giving a try now.