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Replacing sysfsutils with tmpfiles.d


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I'm not exactly sure where this type of thread goes. If it doesn't go here, can someone please politely move it? Thank you very much!


There seems to be a rogue file in the "/etc/sysfs.d/" directory with the file "20-gpu-governor.conf" on my system. This file is meant to tune the GPU governor to "performance", instead of the default "simple_ondemand".


But I'm confused as to which package supplies this. It is not supplied by sysfsutils, so maybe it's Armbian specific? Not sure. This file is on Armbian for the Helios64.


Here are the contents of the file "/etc/sysfs.d/20-gpu-governor.conf":


# Set "performance" GPU devfreq governor, "simple_ondemand" works bad in recent kernels
devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/devfreq/ff9a0000.gpu/governor = performance


Anyway, I just went ahead and APT purged the old-style sysfsutils package, since I wanted to go with something more standardized to systemd, such as tmpfiles.d.


I am using this Arch Wiki page as a reference: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CPU_frequency_scaling#Make_changes_permanent


Here is the proposed replacement file "/etc/tmpfiles.d/00-armbian-gpu-governor.conf":


# Set "performance" GPU devfreq governor, "simple_ondemand" works bad in recent kernels
w- /sys/devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/devfreq/ff9a0000.gpu/governor - - - - performance


I am not sure about udev. However, it seems that as long as "systemd-tmpfiles-setup" is active, it should always set the governor to performance, I did a test with "cat /sys/devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/devfreq/ff9a0000.gpu/governor" and it looks like it returned as "performance", so everything is good.


And please, stop using sysfsutils. :)

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