Creating an Armbian Docker image for armhf (Orange Pi Zero)

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Hi there,

I would like to have a Docker container accessing the GPIO on the Orange Pi Zero.
For the time being, I'm using OPi.GPIO as a library to make a LED blink, but will use Java-Periphery and SSD1306 later on.
As for now, the LED is blinking, all is fine.
What I would like to do now it to create a Docker image from Armbian doing the same thing, so I was thinking of starting the image from scratch with Armbian root directory.
How could I find/make a minimal Armbian root directory to build my Docker image upon?

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Armbian is little more than a stock Debian/Ubuntu installation with the aim of providing recent kernel, bootloaders, and some quality of life userspace customizations.


None of those seem needed for a docker image. Maybe start with the upstream image of whichever version you're using for your Orange Pi?


If you do need certain things from Armbian, you can always copy the apt configuration from /etc/apt/sources.list or sources.list.d into your Dockerfile and go from there.



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