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  1. You don't have to justify yourself @NicoD, it was just in case this was possible for you. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I'll bump into someone else involved in Armbian, you never know who one could meet when in FOSDEM. 😉
  2. I'll be at the Jenkins booth mostly, but have planned to meet people from the Ampere community, from CoreBoot and CPU, from Pine64... Will there be anyone from Armbian?
  3. Hello there 👋 Under Windows, does the Putty speed setting override the serial port speed setting? My COM3 is detected/set at 115200 which works fine with my NanoPi Duo2, but changing to 115000 for my NanoPi R5S does not work. Any idea? Thanks.
  4. Hi there 👋 I've tried the CSC edge images Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Nanopiduo2_lunar_edge_6.1.8.img and Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Nanopiduo2_sid_edge_6.1.8.img and the machine does not want to boot. Is there a more stable image somewhere? FriendlyCore boots on this board. Thanks. U-Boot SPL 2022.07-armbian (Jan 30 2023 - 06:49:28 +0000) DRAM: 512 MiB Trying to boot from MMC1 U-Boot 2022.07-armbian (Jan 30 2023 - 06:49:28 +0000) Allwinner Technology CPU: Allwinner H3 (SUN8I 1680) Model: FriendlyARM NanoPi NEO DRAM: 512 MiB Core: 60 devices, 17 uclasses, devicetree: separate WDT: Not starting watchdog@1c20ca0 MMC: mmc@1c0f000: 0 Loading Environment from FAT... Unable to use mmc 0:1... In: serial Out: serial Err: serial Net: phy interface1 eth0: ethernet@1c30000 starting USB... Bus usb@1c1a000: USB EHCI 1.00 Bus usb@1c1a400: USB OHCI 1.0 Bus usb@1c1d000: USB EHCI 1.00 Bus usb@1c1d400: USB OHCI 1.0 scanning bus usb@1c1a000 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1a400 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1d000 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning bus usb@1c1d400 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found scanning usb for storage devices... 0 Storage Device(s) found Autoboot in 1 seconds, press <Space> to stop switch to partitions #0, OK mmc0 is current device Scanning mmc 0:1... Found U-Boot script /boot/boot.scr 4077 bytes read in 2 ms (1.9 MiB/s) ## Executing script at 43100000 U-boot loaded from SD Boot script loaded from mmc 234 bytes read in 2 ms (114.3 KiB/s) 18804544 bytes read in 780 ms (23 MiB/s) 8706400 bytes read in 363 ms (22.9 MiB/s) Found mainline kernel configuration Failed to load '/boot/dtb/allwinner/sun8i-h3-nanopi-duo2.dtb' libfdt fdt_check_header(): FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC No FDT memory address configured. Please configure the FDT address via "fdt addr <address>" command. Aborting! 504 bytes read in 8 ms (61.5 KiB/s) Applying kernel provided DT overlay sun8i-h3-usbhost0.dtbo No FDT memory address configured. Please configure the FDT address via "fdt addr <address>" command. Aborting! 504 bytes read in 8 ms (61.5 KiB/s) Applying kernel provided DT overlay sun8i-h3-usbhost2.dtbo No FDT memory address configured. Please configure the FDT address via "fdt addr <address>" command. Aborting! 504 bytes read in 8 ms (61.5 KiB/s) Applying kernel provided DT overlay sun8i-h3-usbhost3.dtbo No FDT memory address configured. Please configure the FDT address via "fdt addr <address>" command. Aborting! Error applying DT overlays, restoring original DT Failed to load '/boot/dtb/allwinner/sun8i-h3-nanopi-duo2.dtb' Kernel image @ 0x42000000 [ 0x000000 - 0x84d960 ] ## Loading init Ramdisk from Legacy Image at 43400000 ... Image Name: uInitrd Image Type: ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed) Data Size: 18804480 Bytes = 17.9 MiB Load Address: 00000000 Entry Point: 00000000 Verifying Checksum ... OK ERROR: Did not find a cmdline Flattened Device Tree Could not find a valid device tree SCRIPT FAILED: continuing... No EFI system partition BootOrder not defined EFI boot manager: Cannot load any image Device 0: unknown device sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout missing environment variable: pxeuuid Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/01-02-81-e1-0b-9c-e0 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/00000000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/0000000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/000000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/00000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/0000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/000 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/00 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/0 sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/default-arm-sunxi-sunxi sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/default-arm-sunxi sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/default-arm sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/default sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout Config file not found sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout sun8i_emac_eth_start: Timeout
  5. I have the one (Armbian_22.08.0-trunk_Nezha_jammy_current_6.1.0_xfce_desktop.img) from December (the other ones don't start for me) and it has the vector extension: _ _ _ | \ | | ___ ___| |__ __ _ | \| |/ _ \_ / '_ \ / _` | | |\ | __// /| | | | (_| | |_| \_|\___/___|_| |_|\__,_| Welcome to Armbian 22.08.0-trunk Jammy with Linux 6.1.0-rc3-d1 System load: 168% Up time: 2 min Memory usage: 10% of 978M IP: CPU temp: 38°C Usage of /: 9% of 58G Last login: Mon Jan 30 19:38:20 2023 from root@mq-pro-jenkins-agent-2:~# root@mq-pro-jenkins-agent-2:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo processor : 0 hart : 0 isa : rv64imafdc mmu : sv39 uarch : thead,c906 mvendorid : 0x5b7 marchid : 0x0 mimpid : 0x0
  6. Thanks @electrified. 🙏 I have the FriendlyCore finally working on this board from the eMMC. That will be enough for now, as I'm planning a demo at FOSDEM. I'll retry with Armbian when I come back.
  7. I finally got friendlyCore running on this board, but no friendlyWrt works for me.
  8. With Etcher, without any error showing. WHen I use what they call eflasher images, I can see the boards lights go on as described in the documentation.
  9. Thanks for your answer. I have used quite a few images from FriendlyElec, then switched to various RK3568-linked images. I thought one needed to use this damn button to tell the board not to boot on the eMMC, but I may be wrong. 🤷‍♂️ rk3568-nanopi-r5s-debian-bullseye-6.1.2-arm64-ext4-2023-01-03-1010.img, rk3568-eflasher-friendlywrt-22.03-20230115.img, rk3568-sd-friendlywrt-22.03-20230115.img, Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Station-p2_sid_edge_6.2.0.img
  10. The supplied Debian image boots and starts an X session, but my USB-C hub (with Ethernet) is not recognized (it works with the RISC-V Nezha build from @balbes150), and my WaveShare hat (with USB and Ethernet) neither. I'm kind of stuck, as I would like to add an existing WiFi network and get rid of all cables but the power. 🤷‍♂️
  11. And it's a pain in the neck to get this thing to run, as often with RockChip board. At least you're not forced to shorcut two pads on the board to get it to accept the SDCard booting (there's a button), but that does not work for me. 🙄
  12. Has anyone had any chance lately with getting this machine to run? I've tried different friendlyElec images, and of course unofficial Armbian images, but the machine does not seem to start whatever the distro may be (cycles with crazy HDMI resolution modes). The installation that is described on friendlyElect wiki does its thing with the LEDs, so I guess the installation goes fine, but afterwards, the board does not really start. It is visible on my router though but I can't connect via ssh nor see anything on the display (I know I should use UART2USB). 🤔
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