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  1. I tested two of the boards I received a few days ago. There is a 1s gap between main power loss and batteries starting to give power. https://youtu.be/fcUTzm3je9w https://youtu.be/zKAVTx7NDgQ I still have a few different boards to try.
  2. Hmmm... With the latest versions of Armbian/Debian, we don't have iptables but nftables. I have to try and find something that uses that.
  3. I will definitely check it, thanks for the link.
  4. Hi there, with the global lockdown, I had to move my "lab" at home... and I have trouble with the infamous WAF. So I moved almost everything in the attic, and would have loved to pull an Ethernet cable from my ISP box to the "lab" Wi-Fi router, but it's not significant other's compatible. As strange as it may seem, the Wi-Fi signal coming from the ISP box is really strong in the attic, so I thought of redirecting the Wi-Fi to the 24 ports switch thanks to a SBC. I don't want the SBC to act as a router, I want to use the router which is in my ISP box, so that I can still interact easily with the machines in the attic wherever I may be in the house. I don't really know where to start. I don't want to go the full Monty and install openWRT, as I don't think I need a router, just something that bonds the Wi-Fi network to the Ethernet on a board, so that I can "feed" a switch. Any idea? Thanks a lot.
  5. Nice, I have received the same kind of boards lately, but I'm afraid it is too simple. It won't allow to balance the charge for several batteries, so I have to use just one (which is perfectly fine for my use), and I'm not sure of how it will behave when the main current stops. I have to make tests (replacing the SBC with a USB fan for example). What worries me about your board is I know most of the time, our loads don't need much current, but I would not leave this board doing its job far away from sight. Other charging PCBs are on their way to my home, so that I can do more tests.
  6. Not bad, thanks a lot! Too bad I made an order at Reichelt yesterday... It wouldn't fit all my boards because of the 2.1A limitation, but nice for the price!
  7. I used Balena Etcher.
  8. Will try to, thanks.
  9. Thanks for the tip, but this was a new SDCard.
  10. I have not yet managed to use Armbian on this board (does not boot for me), but I can confirm it is hot as hell without a heatsink (with the default Android image from OrangePi).
  11. Has anyone tested any AllWinner H616 based box? I have one, and will give it a try.
  12. Thanks a lot. My ultimate goal would be to have a board designed by a colleague that knows how to do it properly. I will give him all the information found in this thread.
  13. It may be too simple to be a good idea. What if I used a step down converter to output 3.3V (taken from the main 5V) on a GPIO pin? I found some at 0,26€... Coupled to the 18650 charger @MacBreaker was referring to, I could get what I need?
  14. I found another circuit with supercapacitors, but have no idea of the price.