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  1. I was thinking of using I2S to get mic-in and audio-out on an Orange Pi Zero v1.5 (because no more USB is available, I use them all), but it looks like it requires soldering, and I'm not confident with my soldering skills... Is there any other cheap Orange Pi board that could work with I2S audio out of the box? Thanks.
  2. Definitely have to try that... Thanks a lot for your work!
  3. What about https://discord.gg/HGrtpa ? I think we might get hints over there.
  4. So does the hardware acceleration work for you @a.rodionov ?
  5. I'm not sure I understood everything in this thread (in fact, I'm sure I got less than 10%). Anyway... My goal is to have hardware encoding and decoding for the Orange Pi 4B and RK3399 running Armbian. I'm still running 5.4.49-rockchip64 kernel. Is there an article somewhere for newbies in order to get a working hardware-enhanced version of ffmpeg for these boards? Thanks.
  6. Hi @Myy, this did not work for me today, so I entered a new issue there. Thanks.
  7. I finally had to export CFLAGS= to get the configure script to work.
  8. Hi, I had already compiled ffmpeg on a 32bits OS for my Orange Pi RK3399 when it ran the Orange Pi 32 bits Ubuntu without too much trouble, but now that I have Armbian on my 4B, I'd like to compile ffmpeg too. The issue I have is that gcc is started with bad options (I'm not sure of that, that's what I think I understood): mktemp -u XXXXXX ZgAQ9I test_ld cc test_cc BEGIN /tmp/ffconf.efsAigGe/test.c 1 int main(void){ return 0; } END /tmp/ffconf.efsAigGe/test.c gcc -mfpu=neon -c -o /tmp/ffconf.efsAigGe/test.o /tmp/ffconf.efsAigGe/test.c gcc: error: unrecognized command
  9. Hi there, I don't know yet much about the USB gadget framework, but was wondering it I could use it to make an Orange Pi Zero or One seen as a video sink by the host computer. I know the framework should allow the board to be seen as an audio source, a video source, a Midi device and other things, but could it be seen as a video consumer of some sort ? My goal would be to grab the host's webcam content, encode and stream it on the SBC so that the host's CPU still has resource for other tasks. Does it make sense ? Thanks.
  10. Thanks a lot @sfx2000, I will give it a try. ;-)
  11. Well, I have a big heatsink AND a fan running. Without the fan, the temperature goes quickly around 83/84°C. It does not hang up though. These days, it runs around 53°C in the afternoon with a full Rosetta load.
  12. I have updated my 4B with armbian-config today, and I think that now the temperature readings are wrong. It's cold in here, the board is working for Rosetta, but before the update, it was running at full throttle at 42°C, and now it's written 83°C. The big heatsink is cold, the fan is on. There's something fishy.... ___ ____ _ _ _ / _ \ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___| _ \(_) | || | | | | | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ |_) | | | || |_ | |_| | | | (_| | | | | (_| | __/ __/| | |__ _| \___/|_| \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___|_| |_| |_|