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cryptsetup - supporting no_read_workqueue/no_write_workqueue on SSDs

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Dear Armbian community,


although I'm using Armbian a lot, I never had to submit anything to this forum (fortunately, because it works so well :-)),


On my PC I've experienced lags on heavy IO operations. After a short dig into available information,

I found a useful Cloudflare article on Kernel queues together with dm-crypt.


A good & short summary on possible actions for users can be found here:




Enabling the no-read-workqueue & no-write-workqueue options helped a lot!



As I'm using a RockPi4 with the NVMe SSD with encryption, I thought this should apply to my SBC as well.


Unfortunately, Armbian/Debian Buster uses cryptsetup v2.1.0


which does NOT support these options.

According to the changelog, this option was introduced in v2.3.4:



As Armbian uses a kernel > 5.9, the kernel infrastructure should be available.


Fortunately, crypsetup v2.3.4 exists in the buster-backports repo:





# sudo apt install cryptsetup/buster-backports


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