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Need help with booting NanoPC T4 from SD


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I burned a xz compressed image of Armbian Focal onto a good SD card using BalenaEtcher as instructed on the Armbian website.

I placed it into my NanoPC T4 - which currently boots from the eMMC, and held the boot button while powering on. 

It tried to boot - but it kept reporting there was no bootloader file and seemed to be trying to load something from the internet, not the SD card.


If I dont press the boot button, it simply ignores the SD card and boots from eMMC.


I reburned the SD card several times, and each time it verified fine.  


Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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On 4/7/2021 at 8:30 PM, starman345 said:

You probably didn't do anything wrong.  The only focal I can get to work is the xfce desktop version, the others have an  empty boot folder after burning so won't boot.

I have also noticed the same thing. I downloaded MATE image and there was nothing in /boot


Only the XFCE image has /boot contents.

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