OrangePi PC not booting up

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Hello everyone

Just bought a bunch of Orange Pi PC and I'm having issues making them boot properly.
The behaviour of the board changes everytime I power it on, sometimes it just shows a black screen, others it stays frozen in the "Starting version 245" (I've waited more than 10 minutes in that screen to see if something happens but nothing) if i get lucky sometimes I get a kernel panic (first image attached), and also one time I got an "unable to handle kernel paging request" (second image attached). So, in short, after working on this for at least 4h I did not get one succesful boot and I don't know what else to try.
Also don't know if it's relevant but I never saw the red led of the board on, just the green one.

- I'm powering the board using a USB to DC cable (the barrel plug), connected to an Anker PowerPort 10, rated to 5V 2.4A per port (have a friend using the same setup with the same boards and no issue on his side) but also tried different smartphone chargers that I had laying arround,  one of them rated for 5V 4A, to no avail.
- Loaded also multiple images downloaded from this website for the Orange Pi PC, the two current versions of Armbian Buster and Focal and also a old version on Buster, burned them using Etcher.
- I'm using a 16Gb MicroSD SanDisk Ultra C10 A1, tried different ones since I have a bunch, also executed H2testw with no issues
- And as a last resort I did try Win32DiskImager and another card reader in a totally different computer just out of desesperation and to rule out anything that came to mind.

I'm starting to think that maybe it's a power issue, I had a look at the powering via MicroUSB post but I don't know how to diagnose the voltage that I'm getting since I only have a multimeter and this is my first time working on boards.

Any help would be much appreciated since I don't know what else to try.



Screnshot 5.JPG

Board: Orangepi PC
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Just checked the Voltage at the end of the barrel plug with the multimiter, I'm getting 5.21V with no load, using a cable of 91cm, and under load I'm getting (if I'm doing this right) In the GPIO pin 2 and 6 about 4.51V, so that could be the issue, I'm not getting the 4.8V requiered.

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