Mov Z69 Amlogic s905x can't get Linux running ?.

Tanmay Saha


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 everyone need a little bit of support if anyone can help me?


So a couple of weeks back i picked up a retro gaming box filled with emulators, roms etc. After a little digging to add emulators, mess with themes, change settings and stuff i find out the box it's self is just a mix of libreelec, emulationstation, kodi with a few modifications, skins added. So i decided to see if the box can run Linux (if it could i could easily get retropie for Linux running on it) which it can and after a little googling and watching a video by the MXQ Project to get Armbian (Lepotato) running on the box (using the tooth pick method) i followed the steps to get it running and tried each one of the dtb files included on in the OS copying it into the root of the SD card, changing the file each time to dtb.img etc.


Now the problem is i tested every dtb file and not a single one will boot Linux primarily Ubuntu. I also tried without a dtb file and again it just boots into the libreelec OS which is installed internally on the on board memory. I downloaded libreelec and tried booting a fresh copy from an sd card and it booted fine without me adding a dtb file (one was already included). So i copied out the dtb file and tried running Ubuntu with that file and again nothing happens it boots straight into libreelec.





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