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  1. Do not do that as you will brick your box. Amlogic based TV Boxes only boot from emmc (except in rare cases).
  2. What version do you currently have installed? (armbian and kernel versions) If you don't have a reset button, how did you enable multiboot in the first place? Have you ever run armbian from usb on this box? (not all boxes will support booting from usb) Does booting armbian from sdcard work?
  3. OK, now that you have the latest build, I would recommend that you start over. Reinstall a fresh android firmware and then try again. Because you used an old build, that caused you to set uboot variables that are not correct for the latest build. Also, it looks like you are using either the wrong dtb or the wrong u-boot.ext. Since the dtb you mentioned above is for an s905x cpu (meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb) but you are using the s905x2 uboot.ext (rename u-boot-s905x2-s912 to u-boot.ext)
  4. If you aren't going to follow the instructions on this site, which would include running the version the instructions point to, then I'm not able to help you. You are trying to run a version that is different in many ways than the one the instructions are designed for. Please try again with the correct build if you would like my help.
  5. I'm still not understanding what instructions you are using nor what build you are using. I want to correct a couple of items in your previous post. You don't seem to be looking at the correct aml_autoscript as the 20.10_xxx_5.9.0 build doesn't have a line like setenv bootfromnand 0. You mention modifying boot.ini, but that isn't a step that needs to be done. So again, I ask, what build are you using and what instructions are you trying to follow? Finally, if you have a working console that you can access the u-boot command line from, then you should be able to just enter the commands one by one as they appear in the aml_autoscript file.
  6. There won't be any compatible bootloader for your box so there isn't any boot loader to install. You need to get multiboot working. If you don't have a reset button (are you sure? what is the thing in the upper right corner of your first picture?), then you are going to need to run the update through android. Have you tried the update app method of installing multiboot?
  7. Why are you not using the build linked to in the posted instructions? Please follow the instructions as listed in the FAQ, starting with a freshly reinstalled working android firmware. Does your board have a reset button to use the 'toothpick' method?
  8. Please read the two FAQ items in the TVBox forum FAQ, one being the amlogic instructions. Your box should have an s905x or s905w CPU. I would start by trying the meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb
  9. It would be helpful if you provided at least some basic information. Like what build you are using and what instructions you are following. Have you read the two TVBox forum faq items?
  10. @nobuteru Welcome to the Armbian community. I will first direct you to read the TVBox forums FAQ items: Note that the amlogic install FAQ item is for s9xx based cpus, not the s8xx series. I don't own any 8xx based boxes so I have no experience with the installation specifics for them (if the do or do not differ from the s9xx instructions) However there is an entire thread dedicated to the s8xx that likely has the information you need burried in it:
  11. Please read the following FAQ item:
  12. @tt_soft Have you read the TV Box club faq post on the current status of TV Boxes in the Armbian community? The only TV Box cpu that has an active 'maintainer' is the Rockchip cpu. While I try my best with amlogic cpu questions as I have a number of amlogic based boxes, no one currently active in the forums is helping others with allwinner questions. To answer your question on dtbs, yes that is probably the most difficult part of supporting these TV boxes. I have been involved for about two years with armbian, and while I have learned a lot during that time, dtbs are still the area that i have no functional knowledge about. The problem lies in the fact that to construct a proper dtb you need intimate knowledge of the hardware, but no tv box manufacturer publishes or offers the information about the boxes they build. So it is all guess work which no one has the desire to waste their time on when there are so many needs elsewhere in the armbian community for development resources.
  13. Moved topic to correct Allwinner subforum
  14. Often there is an 'update' app in Android that will do the same thing as the reset button. But note that not all apps named 'update' will do what is needed. But check if you have an update app and see if you can use it to run the located in the /boot directory of your armbian sdcard. This should cause the box to reboot and have the same effect as the reset button.
  15. Are you sure your box has emmc and not cheaper nand? A lot of boxes cut costs by using cheaper nand instead of true emmc, and nand storage is not supported in the 5.x kernel. I would suggest you open the box and look up the specs of the chips you find on the board to confirm what you actually have. (I own TV boxes that have identical markings on the outside, but one will have emmc and the other will have nand).
  16. @Houjimmy The APPEND line in your extlinux.conf file is messed up. I'm not sure that is the cause of your problem, but you should fix that first.
  17. @Houjimmy Can you attach a directory listing of the boot directory, the extlinux directory, and the dtb/amlogic directory. Also attach the extlinux.conf file.
  18. @Houjimmy At what step in the MrBlueCoat instructions are you seeing a failure?
  19. @Arek Rybak Use google to find the spec sheets for the ram chips you have and figure it out.
  20. You are not going to get watchable YouTube on a cheap TV box with Armbian currently. The state of the open source video decoders (vs the generally closed source used in Android) is still a work in process. Right now I would say the best supported CPUs are the Rockchip ones. On the box side balbes150 is working on the Station M1/P1 and jock is working on general Rockchip TV box support.
  21. @jhg I understand the fascination, it is why I'm here trying to help others foster that same fascination. But I would caution you on your expectations. When you talk about 'desktop computer' you are likely to be disappointed. The current state of these boxes (once you get one working) is you can get a desktop gui running, but the performance isn't going to be something useful. They do make great servers however. If you want a usable desktop experience you are going to need to be spending around a $100 or so for an RK3399 box which is less fascinating and a stretch on the wallet.
  22. @jhg FYI the s905x3 cpu should be using a meson-sm1-* dtb. sm1 is the internal code for the x3 (glx is the s905 and g12 is the x2 family). So I would recommend starting to test with: meson-sm1-sei610.dtb
  23. @jhg If you really want to dig into this more, you would need to hook up to the colsole interface on your box. To do this you would need to identify the console connector location on the board, solder a connector to it and then get a usb adapter to monitor the low level u-boot output. The first stages of uboot output to the console only, then the chain loaded uboot (uboot.ext) will display stuff at later stages to hdmi.
  24. Are you following the instructions in the FAQ: