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Video : Armbian Hirsute XFCE4 - What's new, fixes, tips and benchmarks

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Hi all. I've just finished a new video about Armbian Hirsute XFCE4.

I show what's new. Mostly the feel and look are a bit more modern.
Here is my video.


Some other notes I've got :


Memory usage
buster < focal < hirsute
xfce4 < budgie < cinnamon

CPU performance
buster < hirsute < focal
xfce4 < cinnamon < budgie

So Buster xfce uses the least memory. And is also the slowest.

Hirsute is quite a bit slower than Focal, and uses more memory. I do find the newer looks worth the price.


Here my benchmarks :

Fix missing network 
sudo apt install gvfs-backends

Download SBC-Bench
	wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ThomasKaiser/sbc-bench/master/sbc-bench.sh
Execute SBC-Bench
	sudo /bin/bash ./sbc-bench.sh -c
7zip all cores
	7z b
7zip small core
	taskset -c 0 7z b
7zip big core 
	taskset -c 5 7z b
NicoD Blender
	blender -b NicoD.xx.blend -f 0
	1080p full screen, show fps, choose soccer game with tux and grassfield. Average frames.
Max temp
	Maximum temperature during blender NicoD render

Board                  | SBC-Bench              | Distro                             | Clockspeeds         | 7z all cores  | 7z small core   | 7z big core   | CPU-Miner   | NicoD-Blender     | SuperTuxKart   | Memory used at boot  | Max temp
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xnJ        Armbian Hirsute xfce4 5.13.12        1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz         7760            1267              1857            10.05         14m41s              8fps             693MB                  78C    ***
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xv3        Armbian Hirsute xfce4 5.13.12        1.5Ghz/2Ghz           8288            1348              2070            10.95         13m21s              8fps             693MB                         ***
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xs3        Armbian Hirsute cinnamon 5.13.12     1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz         7766            1267              1851            10            14m33s              8fps             809MB                  78C
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xt0        Armbian Hirsute budgie 5.13.12       1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz         7941            1272              1863            10.05         14m24s/14m18s       8fps             757MB                  78C
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xtR        Armbian Buster xfce4 4.4.213         1.5Ghz/2Ghz           8383            1359              1982            10.8          14m17s                               530MB     
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xuf        Armbian Buster xfce4 4.4.213         1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz         7879            1278              1807            10            15m20s                               530MB                                    
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xux        Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10.60          1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz         8028            1286              1859            10.27         13m29s              8fps             586MB                         ***
NanoPi M4 2GB            http://ix.io/3xuL        Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10.60          1.5Ghz/2Ghz           8427            1351              2076            11.2          12m53s              8fps             638MB                         ***


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