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How do I turn on networking using bash commands if I've accidentally disabled networking within the GUI shell?


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Yes, I managed to do this. Luckily I managed to re-enable the GDM3 graphical console on-start-up by using the debug serial port and then using the GUI through the TV to put the tick back to enable networking.  Yep, very much a noob mistake.

So, the question is when networking is disabled so eth0 and wlan0 disappear, leaving only lo, how do I get eth0 and wlan0 back just using the command line?  I can't easily find how to do this. I've looked, I've searched and now ....   help!  :-)


(I do also have the ability to put the MicroSD card into my laptop, so maybe it would be simpler to do that and change some configuration files to re-enable networking?)


This would be very useful information for anyone else who gets stuck in the same situation.

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Search Before Posting!

Unfortunately, it depends on what you did to disable networking?


By default, I think that networking services are managed by NetworkManager. You can check to see if the service is disabled with:


$ systemctl status NetworkManager 


If it's disabled, you can re-enable with:


$ sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager
$ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager


If you touched one of the network configurations, You can manually poke at the configs like this:


$ sudo -i
# cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
# ls
# nano -w my_connection

<Hit Control-O, Enter, then Control-X when done>


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Took a quick look on my system doing that.


Doing "systemctl status", I don't see any obvious services that were started or stopped.


You might learn more reading up on the options in the NetworkManager command line tool:


$ man nmcli


Or check with the XFCE guys over at https://forum.xfce.org/ what exactly that network widget does.

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