How to build for an unsupported board (Pine64 Quartz64)?


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What are you're current state?

I tested one of the lastest station m2 image from Balbes150 (kernel 5.16-rc6) and after changing the dtb in extlinux.conf to the one of quartz64-a, then it boots well.

My first impression is quite good! I'm able to boot, configure and install to emmc.

I just identify that the single usb2 and usb3 ports are not active, only the 2 grouped usb2.0 ports works.


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In fact, you should be able to build an image for this board by building one for station m2 and modifying the dtb file in the board config file

To add it as a independent board, you have more files to create/modify like in the examples provided by Werner and Igor at the beginning of this thread.

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