[Orange Pi Zero 2 H616] Rootless docker failing install + Can't use non-legacy Kernel versions



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Hello here, I thank you in advance for coming here.

I have gotten an Orange Pi Zero 2 H616 yesterday, and I wanted to install Docker as Rootless on the ARMBian Bullseye image, but It is failing every try I do to actually bring it up. It always gives the following message in Journalctl:

docker.service: Start request repeated too quickly.


I just wanted to ask if anybody has actually found a way to deal with this.


Alternatively, I cannot boot any kernel higher than the legacy 4.9 kernel given on the main page, all the others give no feedback when the board connects to the current. I am pretty sure I am missing something, but I found no info online about what to do and if anybody fixed that on the forums.


I thank you in advance for responding.

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