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Video : Testing the new 22.02 images on M4/V2 / RK3399

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Hi all.
In my latest video I test the new Armbian 22.02 images on RK3399.
I use the NanoPi M4. But it should be about the same for other RK3399 devices.



Long story short.
Jammy xfce 5.16 performs better. And has the better performing browser.
Focal xfce 5.15 firefox is not HW-acc. Chromium is, but performs badly. Also bad blender result. Not all cores are used to the max. I've never seen this behaviour.

So I would use the Jammy xfce 5.16 image. But I'm still using an older image that work. So I'm not upgrading.
Greetings, NicoD

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