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Armbian with local NTP server (Chrony)


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Hi! just want to share the experience. I'm using Armbian in an environment that cannot access the internet. So, NTP becomes a big issue, and I have to setup my local NTP server using Chrony. 


Things should be simple, but it just didn't work out. I stuck with this problem for a few weeks until I realized I'm trying to setup Chrony NTP server on a virtual machine. Then, I found this one on stackoverflow. https://serverfault.com/questions/1062023/the-least-bad-settings-for-chrony-as-the-ntp-server-on-a-virtual-machine


It suggests how to setup NTP server on virtual machine, but I didn't follow through as I solved my problem by setting up Chrony NTP server on a physical server instead. So,  just want to share the experience in case anyone stuck with similar problems as mine. 

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