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tensorflow 2 on Armbian

Ehsan Ahmadi

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Hi there,


I need to install below libraries on my orange pi lite, on a virtual environment

tensorflow 2






does anyone have a armbian image including all these libraries pre-installed. because everytime I try to do it, I face lots of odd errors, mostly for installing tensorflow 2, and installing anyone of libraries on virtual environment.



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Help Armbian team helping you!

AFAIK, those are just user space programs?  Which would mean, that they should install just as any other program.  Especially if you are doing so into some container or (Python?) environment.


The only exception would be the GPIO, now this is something which might have more to do with Armbian (generally speaking).  Is that a package name, or?  Maybe search forums about how to get GPIO working on OPi Lite.  The GPIO might even work 'out of the box' on Armbian (not sure; but if so, trying to install other things might be messing that up).


Getting GPIO to work (permissions) through container might be another problem area.  Maybe just use directly in user space (if possible) or sort out permissions.


Sorry, I don't own this hardware so can't give specifics.  But I try to help in general, anyway.

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thankyou TRS-80,

well I tried lots of ways for installing tensorflow 2, but it didn't work.

I wonder if it could be installed on armbian.


I could fix GPIO issue, however.


*** if someone has experience with tensorflow 2 installation on armbian, I would be thankful to get some advice.


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If it can be installed on Debian, it should be able to be installed on Armbian the same way (as userland packages are same).  So maybe search Internet for regular Debian instructions?  Sounds like maybe you have already though.


I am unfamiliar with tensorflow, but a quick search of Debian packages for tensorflow seems to indicate whatever is available is in the experimental repo, and then only for amd64 (x86 64-bit) architecture.  You would need something for some kind of Arm architecture for whatever your board is.


So, unless I am badly mistaken, I think you will probably have to compile from source.  Maybe search Internet for something like 'tensorflow on Arm' or similar.

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