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  1. You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
  2. If you are interested in a little more context, the following is about TV Boxes, but similar generalities can be applied to any sort of (usually inexpensive) ARM (or other) random device you might find on the Internet:
  3. FWIW, just wanted to make note that some of these features I see implemented lately (like badges) seem to be quite in line with what I had in mind before. Licensing issue aside, I was keen on tools to help administer the forum as much automated as possible, which is what got my attention about Discourse in the first place these last years. And now (almost 2 years later) it seems these features are making their way into other software. I don't know if these badges are tied (or can be) to increasing levels of user permissions (or if they are simply decorative) but if the former, that is exactly what Discourse does, and all in an automated way. In other words, it looks like we achieved the desired functionality after all? Anyway, don't want to re-open can of worms, and to be clear I am no longer advocating for Discord, just wanted to add my comment. Cheers!
  4. I guess I felt like that great discussion in rpardini's PR was sort of shut down prematurely. Maybe the forum is a better place where we can take the long view over time and build more consensus about some of these bigger changes. Here, everyone have a beer and relax, get into right frame of mind.
  5. It seems to me like we currently have at least 2-3 separate initiatives going on which are in some way at least touching upon the very heart of the project (the build system). I wanted to bring attention to them and begin a high level strategic discussion of what the best way forward might be. I expect this will take some significant time for everyone to really have a chance to weigh in and (ideally) eventually to come to some sort of consensus. I will confess that I don't even really understand the build system myself. In fact I think only a few people really do. So as a side effect I hope to increase my own understanding. And eventually improve documentation. For example I am not even sure any of these initiatives are really conflicting with one another? But I still feel like we should probably discuss them all together, from a high level point of view. I hope through this process we can come up with some better and more comprehensible architecture which will (ideally) become more accessible to newcomers, ultimately easing the long term maintenance burden (among other benefits). Some of major initiatives I am aware of currently are: rpardini fragment / hooks idea Hooks are used a lot in Emacs for instance, so this idea was immediately comprehensible to me. It's clear @rpardini has put a lot of thought / effort into that, and there is some very good discussion there, which I encourage everyone to have a good look at. Architecture for adding additional desktop enviromnents, and application groups @Myy has done some nice work here. I am almost embarrassed to state that I am not even sure if this is what @Rich Neese has been implementing with all the desktop stuff, or not? Desktop / graphical stuff is not my area and I know @JMCC @jock @balbes150 also have additional multimedia stuff which lie outside Armbian itself, but maybe we have an opportunity to make things a little easier on them here? creating packages in the armbian build system @going has what seem to me like some great ideas, even if I must confess to only partially comprehending them (Debian packaging being a hairy beast I aspire one day to learn more about). I feel like I am probably missing some more, in which case please add links to other discussions you may be thinking about which are related. I encourage everyone to really take the time and try and understand what these people are working on if you have not done so already. This is probably the most difficult part of this, taking the time and try and really try and understand the other person's point of view (and/or, areas outside our own expertise). In addition to big initiatives above, I recall several offhand comments I read from @Igor and @balbes150 about long logic chains, maintainability, & etc. which I think we need to also discuss in a broad architectural sense. I don't know the build scripts deeply enough to comment helpfully, but my hope is that the few people who do can have some sort of productive discussion. Besides people I already mentioned, I can see from GitHub that @martinayotte @TonyMac32 @piter75 @Werner @lanefu @Heisath @aprayoga and @gprovost are current members of the project who seem to commit to the build scripts a lot. Please help me by tagging anyone else you think of who may be interested in this discussion, and apologies to anyone I missed.
  6. Stay away unless you are up for a challenge (to put it mildly). No offense, and I don't want to assume your knowledge level, but if you need to ask here, then you are probably not up for said challenge. Choose / purchase one of Supported Devices, instead, and save your hair!
  7. No PoE at that end, I just bought a cheap splitter off AliExpress for a few bucks to separate the Ethernet from power at that end. Yep, using same W5100 module. Not even a "shield" I just connected it with dupont wires. But a shield is probably a more reliable connection, now that I think about it.
  8. No documentation came with IR transmitter? If it is cheap AliExpress special, you will probably need to search Internet and figure it out for yourself. Lirc forums / wiki / docs may be more helpful than here? Good luck with it, please report back if/how you got it working.
  9. It can take years! I was very excited about RK3399 for a long time, it only recently has gotten stable! Just trying to set some realistic expectations, and this is not directed at you, personally. I see a lot of excitement (at Pine64 forums, and elsewhere) as well about RK3566/RK3578[0] but they are essentially brand new SoCs. Many people have "the new shiny" syndrome (in the broader public), but with hardware in Linux very often "the older the better" as the hardware will have seen more development and become more stable. [0] Or any other SoC for that matter.
  10. Well you are off to a good start then. GNU/Linux in general (and SBCs specifically) are more than a bit arcane, you will need to do a lot of reading. I have been here a few years now and still only know a little. My comments were not meant to offend you, but to make you think. Self sufficiency is valued in these sort of communities for a reason, it is a self preservation mechanism. See some of the links in my signature (specifically, How To Ask Questions, beware help vampires) to get a general sense. Ask yourself honestly, who is more valuable to the long term sustainability of a community: those very few people who take their own personal time to reply and help others, or the hundreds of people who come every day asking questions showing they have not bothered to do fundamental research? I am not trying to pick a fight with you, rather to introduce you to sustainable F/LOSS culture. You seem like an intelligent person, otherwise I wouldn't bother writing all this. I don't think you will find an announcement about something so specific. You will need to do a little more leg work on your own. But this is the nature of the beast.
  11. Did you even spend 10 seconds looking at home page of forums? Although, in your case I would suggest spending a little time lurking and reading, as it seems you are asking some very basic questions.
  12. This is well known issue, in fact it is stated right on download page for the device:
  13. My guess (without looking) is that their tool uses legacy kernel. You might have better experience with Armbian Legacy branch/kernel (like theirs, but maybe with some improvements usually). As a workaround in the meantime. I don't know much about graphical stuff, sorry. Maybe someone comes along who does.
  14. Don't do it! Soon we will be seeing much less of Werner I fear the place might fall apart.
  15. Yes it's a bit of an architectural change. But one I actually prefer. In fact, I have MQTT server running on one SBC, controller (OpenHAB in my case) running on another, etc... But you could just as easily containerize things (and one day I probably will, too). You can also position the gateway in a more ideal location (for the radio). Mine is centrally located in our home. I actually bought a PoE switch and run the power and data to it all in one wire.
  16. If you don't mind spending a couple bucks on an Ethernet module, you could also use Open MQTT Gateway which is what I use to control my cheap 433mhz stuff. It works pretty well. uC is standalone that way (with separate SBC controller, talking over MQTT / Ethernet).
  17. Moved to Common issues / peer to peer technical support I never tried to do something like this, so a bit of a shot in the dark, but have you tried using a serial debugging cable?
  18. Do you have apt-transport-https installed? $ dpkg-query -l apt-transport-https And/or try again in few minutes? But what lanefu said might be better advice, he knows more about it than me.
  19. Is it the same as this issue (sounded vaguely familiar, so I dug up the link): Note: Even though this is on ROCKPro64 wiki, if you read you will see it's about the PCIe controller in RK3399 itself... Having said that, it's been a while since I read it, so not sure its same thing or not. EDIT: Or maybe it's just problem with ROC-RK3399-PC only. There is a long thread here where people been working on it for years already, if I recall correctly the last I read it still wasn't working. But that link training error sounds familiar, if the answers are not in either of places mentioned above, I will have to try harder to remember where I saw that.
  20. I dunno, I use youtube-dl, which seems quite well supported by lots of other things nowadays. In fact mpv even uses it to fetch content, you can simply do `mpv URL` and it will start playing. It's much more lightweight than the web interface, as you already noticed. Many other tools and interfaces leveraging it as well.