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Set a wake-up GPIO button


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I am using Rock Pi 4B and want to be able to turn the system on after sleep (suspend/hibernate or any other state that would allow it). Previously, I have used MRAA library to set an interrupt, and called 

system("shutdown now")

inside interrupt code. I did it according to the following post and according to the MRAA examples. I wrote a shell script, which executes the MRAA program. Shell script, in its turn, is called by a service on a start-up. So, with this method I was able to shutdown the system, but I cannot get out of this state via button press. 


I researched few posts, such as: 12, and 3. It looks like either I have to modify the DTS file and generate new OS image, or perhaps there is a method to set the pin as a wake-up source inside the OS. 


While on Debian, when I go into directory:

cd /sys/kernel/irq/<PIN #>


There is a field called



When doing

 cat wakeup

it shows



Though I didn't find this folder in Armbian, but I suppose they may share similar settings for the pins. Can anyone please help me to achieve my goal? 


I came across another similar post, but unfortunately there was no solution there. 

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