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[ODROID C1] change sources.list


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I downloaded 'Armbian_5.20_Odroidc1_Debian_jessie_3.10.103.7z' today, put it on a SD card and successfully booted and 'ssh'ed in it.


The board - an old C1 - is running fine.


Now I want to install fail2ban and mc, but with the original 'sources.list' for apt there's no way to to that via apt-get.


Will I run into difficulties if I change the 'sources.list' to the normal Debian ones and make my installations, updates and upgrades from there?



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Armbian uses "normal" Debian/Ubuntu repositories + own repository for Armbian-specific packages. fail2ban and mc should be available by default without any changes.

Thanks for your answer.

I didn't know the concept of httpredir.debian.org. That's pretty smart, I think.

And also I was not aware of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list.


The errors I got in using apt-get update where produced by apt-cacher-ng, which I'm running on another machine, combined with the httpredir.debian.org URLs. Without apt-cacher-ng everything was fine. Also using debian.tu-bs.de as mirror with apt-cacher runs without errors.


I'm wondering why...


But everything should be fine now, thanks for the good work! I came along this project because I searched an image for my C1 which is able to run fail2ban, and it was the first one that did the trick :-)



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