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  2. I tested it on OPi Zero (basically the same device) with u-boot master branch and it passed the loopback test. defconfig changes: diff --git a/configs/orangepi_zero_defconfig b/configs/orangepi_zero_defconfig index e5a4c1d9fc..39528026a6 100644 --- a/configs/orangepi_zero_defconfig +++ b/configs/orangepi_zero_defconfig @@ -9,10 +9,19 @@ CONFIG_DRAM_ODT_EN=y CONFIG_SPL_SPI_SUNXI=y CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS=1 # CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_CLEAR_ON_INIT is not set +# CONFIG_USE_BOOTCOMMAND is not set CONFIG_CONSOLE_MUX=y # CONFIG_CMD_FLASH is not set +CONFIG_CMD_SF=y +CONFIG_CMD_SF_TEST=y +CONFIG_
  3. There is no SPI driver for H3 in the "main" u-boot (CONFIG_SUN4I_SPI is for older SoCs), but software SPI (CONFIG_SOFT_SPI) should work if configured correctly.
  4. I think you meant "expect the user to read and not just mindlessly tick checkboxes that prevent them from posting their question"?
  5. It's not defined in DT and is created dynamically by the DRM subsystem.
  6. There is an old upstream mainline kernel issue that never was fixed:!topic/linux-sunxi/Ar9A_OYzk1Q And we can't pull random patches without proper long term testing because they may break more things than they fix.
  7. First I would change and reword the current implementation - use something like "I understand that not providing requested information will reduce the chance to solve my issue" (current one with the possibility of getting banned doesn't correlate with the forum rules), explain why providing armbianmonitor -u info is needed (I checked a few new new threads and they don't have it), deal with old images that try to upload the info to (i.e. by linking an instructions for updating the script without updating the BSP), ideally deal with the possibility that may stop to provide its f
  8. This is not a networking issue but a repository and protocol limitation, as I remember supports shallow clones only via the git:// protocol
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the current form implementation, but it's only the first iteration. Since "Technical support" section is mostly used as a bug tracker and we wouldn't be able to support a standalone bug tracker / task management system, adding data collection form to the forum is a step in the right direction.
  10. Unfortunately "getting information" != "answering the same questions and requesting even the basic info again and again and again". For example, threads like this one would have 1 reply with a simple answer - eMMC CSD checks for revision 8 were fixed more than a year ago. It took 5 posts to confirm that this is the culprit and it is still impossible to tell which kernel version (I mean kernel compilation date) is used due to missing dmesg from "armbianmonitor -u". Funny thing is that this thread was created after the addition of the new information collection form, so w
  11. Perhaps. @zador.blood.stained? Not sure about this. - the second tab on Github project is called "Issues", not "Discussions" or "all stuff", and it has "Open"/"Closed" statuses more suitable for tracking actual bugs/issues than discussing build script usage - this would make it impossible to easily move framework related discussions from the forum to the right place
  12. Looks like we got an upstream DT for the T4:
  13. No. Root on NFS should not be hard by itself (similar to H3, loading u-boot and kernel from SD). FEL support, on the other hand, is not implemented in the mainline u-boot for 64-bit chips, so it requires either using prebuilt u-boot binaries or adding patches to u-boot and rewriting the build script.
  14. There is no FEL support for 64-bit targets in the build script.