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  1. Clearfog Pro PCI-e card only detected in slot 2 in Armbian

    It's just confusing without seeing "lspci -t -nn" to map what is connected to what. I remember having PCIe detection issues in the past, but I don't remember on which kernel. Can you try booting a mainline (next) image from a USB flash to check if it detects both devices? It is configured before the u-boot proper, so if PCIe cards are detected by u-boot it's safe to assume that SERDES configuration is correct.
  2. Clearfog Pro PCI-e card only detected in slot 2 in Armbian

    That doesn't include dmesg, that's why I asked for it. Hm, I see firmware loading issues for an ath10k card, and since I see cfg80211 lines I'm assuming that the second card is detected correctly. I would try adding missing firmware files first. Is it a dual radio card?
  3. EspressoBIN: Won't boot.

    U-boot should print its version and compilation date somewhere at the beginning - that should be a good indication of a correct flashing. The CRC error is irrelevant on most boards since Armbian doesn't rely on stored u-boot environment.
  4. Clearfog Pro PCI-e card only detected in slot 2 in Armbian

    If u-boot detects cards in both slots then it would be good to see the kernel log (dmesg).
  5. Armbian boot from iSCSI

    But does this require u-boot EFI support? Last time I heard EFI on armhf doesn't work properly, so this would be limited to arm64 only.
  6. automated build script

    As I already said, log $PATH from your script to a file (or to stdout, and check syslog)
  7. automated build script

    No, you have to check the system $PATH variable that is passed from cron.
  8. automated build script

    Possibly $PATH does not include all necessary directories when you start the script from cron. You can try logging the value of $PATH to a file and comparing it when the script is executed from a user shell and from cron.
  9. WiFi problem on firmware v5.38 for Cubietruck

    CMA parameters may not be the same? I didn't check/test the legacy kernel in a long time.
  10. Button on PiOne board doesn't work in 4.14.14

    This button is not labeled "Power" on the PCB or on the schematics so IMO its default function should not be changed. Experienced users can always override this by using DT overlays or button remapping software.
  11. Orange Pi Zero H2+ missing modules TV

    I think the issue here is an overall frustration by the core team due to many factors: stress, update failures (including ones that happened due to human mistakes), trying to support too many boards and too many features at once, failed expectations of users, board vendors and upstream developers. And this frustration exits randomly in random places, which definitely should not happen in public, especially for a relatively big and popular project. (off-topic) Unfortunately a lot of both kernel and non-kernel issues are out of our control too. And there will be those issues when dealing with cheap and popular low-end devices (like OPi Zero) that have close to zero software support from vendor (well, cheap things are usually cheaper than other similar things for a reason).
  12. Clearfog Pro 4.14.14 Network Manager fails

    I don't think you need any additional packages. For configuring network in /etc/network/interfaces you need the "ifupdown" package (should be installed already), for systemd-networkd you also don't need to install anything but you need to activate several systemd units to make it work.
  13. Le Potato GPIO pins on /sys

    If you are talking about the "gpio-line-names" property AFAIK it just lists all the pin names in their numeric order (with a lot of empty strings for pins that are not routed anywhere).
  14. Button on PiOne board doesn't work in 4.14.14

    In mainline kernel DT the onboard button sends the code BTN_0 so it doesn't work as a power button by default. sw4 { label = "sw4"; linux,code = <BTN_0>; gpios = <&r_pio 0 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>; }; It can be changed to one of the codes defined here like KEY_POWER, but it will work only for shutdown, there is no suspend/resume or powering on after shutdown support.
  15. Clearfog Pro 4.14.14 Network Manager fails

    With this kernel - probably nothing, all mentioned protocols and services are handled by userspace so they should not depend on kernel features. If by "removable storage" you mean USB storage then watch out for static discharges and overcurrents if anyone decides to plug in a USB HDD. Also a USB3 connector is not the most reliable thing to constantly plug connectors in and out so it's good to have a powered USB3 hub for external devices.