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Setting GPIO in uboot script




We're swapping the Khadas Fenix 4.9 and uboot v2015-01?? for the Armbian 5.10.y and corresponding mainline u-boot.

In the "legacy"  version we were able to use the u-boot script (then a dedicated boot.ini) for setting a gpio pin low like this

gpio clear GPIOH_4

Unfortunately Armbian's mainline u-boot version does not recognize GPIOH_4 as a valid gpio pin name.

Anyone able to help? Did the naming change?


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Additional information:

Old u-boot is Khadas version "2015.01-geddbbf5", generated from Khadas Fenix

New u-boot is Armbian version "2022.01-armbian"


Error messages when issuing "gpio clear GPIOH_4" 

"GPIO: 'GPIOH_4' not found"

"Command 'gpio' failed: Error -22"


I do realise, that this was implemented in a different way with the legacy u-boot, I just wonder why it does not work with mainline.

From the include files in include/dt-bindings/gpio it seems that GPIOH_4 has been defined.

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