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NanopiM4V2 with SataHat - HDD clicking and system file unmounting !

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4x SATA HAT (https://tinyurl.com/2hovcx2g)




Making changes with OMV6 GUI like adding a share folder, sometime syslog report what looks to me like a SATA error.

Spinning HDD start 'clicking' (seeking) and file system unmounts

Soft reboot does not solve the problem...I have disconnect the power supply and boot again.

The NanopiM4V2 and 4xspinning HDD are powered with a lab bench top power supply 12VDC / 15Amp...(just to rule out the power supply side)


I am reporting this here since the log reports the SATA error from the Kernel and I don't really understand the error message.


syslog entry at Nov 22 09:25:57:

Error reporter after I have created with OMV GUI and new share folder


After exporting the folder as a NFS share, all hell broke loose from this point in the log: Nov 22 09:34:24


Can anyone help me understand a bit more what is happening ?


/var/log/syslog attached or it can be found here : http://pb.spiramentum.ca/8zd7/



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Trouble again...

HDD clicking and system file un-mounting !


This time it happened at 1hr00 AM while there was no users on the NAS server (OMV6).

Attached is the full syslog.

I rebooted the server a couple of time but upon rebooting, HDD was still "clicking" and most file system where not mounting.

(NAS has 6 spinning drive...4 on the sata hat and 2 on USB port...the 7th drive on USB port is a SSD).


In the morning (approximately 8hr00 or 8hr30) I did a few reboot in an attempt to understand the problem reading the syslog.

Surprisingly, booting on the SD card on minimal Armbian OS had one HDD still "clicking"...e2fsck could not access /dev/sdc1 (device not present)

/dev/sdc1 HDD was like stuck into this error mode !


However, upon connecting the HDD via USB to my other computer, it mounted right away. Ran e2fsck -f...  no errors came out of this.


Upon putting the HDD back in the NAS server, it booted just fine this time ?!?


So...any hints would be appreciated. I just partially understand what is being reported in the syslog and I don't know if posting this has any value to those who are maintaining this board and kernel... maybe it does ?






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