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FOYU FO-Y3 MXQ Pro 8K 5G (Allwinner H3 + Kingston eMCP 08EMCP08-NL3DT227 8GB + 1GB DDR3)


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The board is marked as MXQ-HX-V2.0.


CPU: Allwinner H3


ROM: 8GB eMCP (both DDR and eMMC are on the same eMCP chip)

Wi-Fi: sv6256p

LAN: ?? (100Mb)


Here's a picture:






Before I start soldering the headers for the serial port and start debugging myself... has anyone any idea if there are compatible images among the ones already available?


I've already tried:


Beelink X2

Orange Pi PC

Orange Pi PC +

Orange Pi Zero

Sunvell R69


and none of these worked.



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Search Before Posting!

It seems like I'm still unable to boot, even with a custom u-boot I made, making sure that the RAM configuration is correct.


Can anyone confirm that the following options are correct?



Those are based on the bootlog I've posted previously.

I'm using the configuration for the OrangePi PC which has similar hardware.


The error I get is DRAM: 0MiB

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