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Orange Pi 5 freezes after journalctl flush

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Hi all,


I'm trying to debug a sporadic problem with my Orange Pi 5 (16GB) which I'm unable to reproduce. I'm hoping maybe someone else experienced a similar issue or at least has any pointers on how to debug it further.


The problem:


At random times of the day, the board just appears to freeze up. All communications stop. Board is powered on, with red LED on and green LED off. I have to manually unplug the device to reset it. Within the last 2 weeks, this happened 3 times already.


Each time, the last log appears to be a journalctl flush (example: https://pastebin.com/dDm5Xtis - the board froze at midnight, no more logs until I restarted it the next day).


One time I left it tailing dmesg hoping maybe it will catch some message there, but there was nothing.


I was pointed to this thread from Reddit:


However I'm not sure if this is the same problem I have as I never got an actual error message for the problem I'm seeing.


Devices I have plugged in:


* TP-Link Wifi Adapter TL-WN722N

* RTL-SDR dongle


SD card - Samsung MB-MC256


The board runs a couple of flight data feeders, which barely use any resources.




$ uname -a
Linux orangepi5 5.10.110-rockchip-rk3588 #23.02.2 SMP Fri Feb 17 23:59:20 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux



Any help would be appreciated!

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In case someone stumbles upon this thread: I think I got it to work by accident.


I rearranged the access points in my home trying to improve coverage and the problem magically disappeared. At its worst, it was crashing pretty much every day and now it's been running for over two weeks with no issues.

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