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board with 5 ethernet, 802.11ac, and nas


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I would like to consolidate some of my devices into a singular device.  I am having trouble coming up with a system which could work.


currently my cubietruck crashes all the time, so much that it is now on a 2 hour reboot cycle and still manages to crash.  I assume it's a power issue with the 3.5 harddrive. Could also be 3Terbyte drive is too much?  Also 60mb/s is a bit slow.


I have an asus rt-ac87u which does 802.11ac mimo wireless, but I do not like it's operating system. Also the wireless has issues.


So, basically looking for something that can support

802.11ac mimo wireless(extra power?)

ethernet ports 4-5

sata drive.


I have been starting to look at x86 architecture for this(mini-dtx), however I would prefer low noise and low power usage unless it's actually being used.


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