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Orange Pi PC boot from USB broken

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Hi gang.  I am having a consistent problem changing the board over boot from the SD with the system on any kind of USB attached drive. The drive I want to put it on is a 1t ssb, which otherwise formats fine, over and over again, burns images on it fine (though rpi doesn't like how much power it grabs).   But I duplicated the problem with a formatted SD card in a reader in the USB port as well. The same error message appeared.


Now I have to say that I have read this post here:

 to see if there was anything unique to the H3 to accomplish this, but Igor said there to just follow the simple directions  at Getting Started, which though dated, still work close to the same.




This just seems busted to me. I don't know.  I am attaching the final screen I am getting, and tried to >/tmp/boot.txt with the journal command it says to do, but though I saw the file in the /tmp after I did it on the board, it was neither in the /tmp of the original file system or the copied one.


Thanks as always.



Screenshot from 2023-05-15 21-03-08.png

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