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Advice about bananai berry


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Would like to build something like a NAS, because I'm tired of connecting an external drive via USB. I am thinking to use bananapi M2 berry for this. I would power the 3.5 HDD externally and don't care too much about SATA speed. However, it is important to me that armbian works without manual adjustments, because it wouldn't cope with them. Should I go ahead with the experiment?

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Yes, you can go ahead and build a NAS. Using the Banana Pi M2 Berry. It's a small computer that can handle basic NAS tasks. To connect a larger hard drive, you'll need to provide power to it separately. The operating system called Armbian, which is designed for devices like the Banana Pi M2 Berry, should work without needing any manual adjustments. However, it's always a good idea to check the compatibility and support forums to make sure everything will work smoothly. Good luck with your NAS project. 

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