Banana Pu and BananaPI Pro system boot


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 I'd like to setup mySql and web server on Banana PI board and sata hard disk.


Since I have read  from documentation it is possible to boot banana pi board from sd card and system from sata drive,this is prefered boot option.

But I can't find any further documentation about this option. 

Thoes any one know how to move (setup) system to run from hard disk, for purpose mySQl/web server ?


Regards !



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Normally, you should use "nand-sata-install" after installing base system on SDCARD.


You then have a system on your SATA disk (only the /boot directory will be on a fs mounted from the sdcard - the rootfs is on the disk). So if you install or have mysql already installed, that will be on your disk (nothing to do).

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