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  1. Thank you for sharing that because it is hard to choose a SBC and disastrous to make the wrong choice. I buy SBC for projects. Projects require a limited number of feature for the SBC but good hardware and software for the purpose, and are time consuming : it implies not only the SBC itself but housing, electronic, cooling, powering, backups, storage, network, documentation, installation, wiring, maintenance, (useful and remote) logging, access, scalability and of course software stability. This is why software and hardware stability is crucial : the project can simply
  2. My personal experience is that keeping (classical) BT connection is too power hungry for batteries. So The device must disconnect after a few seconds. With devices such PS2 remote (if I force disconnection), the first press is lost and the (re)connection delay is longer than one second. Please tell me if you get better results.
  3. showkey show keycodes and not keysyms but "thd --dump /dev/input/event*" will tell you".
  4. The easier way is probably to use "triggerhappy". But could you tell me what is your "cheap bluetooth multimedia controller" (if I wanted to buy one).
  5. Basically in 99.99% use case you can configure wifi with wpa_passphrase <your-ssid> <your-passphrase> | wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /dev/stdin ifconfig wlan0 <your-ip> netmask <your-netmask> route add default gw <your-router-address> echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf in some old very-deprecated rc startup file. And remove nm ifup zeroconf dhcpd ... and other "wonderfull dynamic modern" automatic bug generators ...
  6. The board is gone to the bin ... I already try 4.4.180. Last, I tryed ayufan strech version from links : constant reboot ! Very frustrating ! From now on, never anyone of those buggy hardware anymore : raspberry or espressif. Thanks and bye at everybody !
  7. Armbian_5.88_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.180.7z Armbian_5.75_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.174.7z LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.1.001-rock64.img.gz Armbian_5.88_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.180.7z Armbian_5.90_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.182.7z The last one "seemed" a bit more stable but freezed and needed reset for rebooting and finally it crashed with mundane stack dump. One symptom is that after a crash, or just a shutdown, the board enter an endless loop of panic at startup - needs reset? or cool down? or unplug/discharge? I even cann
  8. Hello, I received a Rock64 board 2G two days ago and suffered the most impressive failure ever : panic, freeze, failed restart, segfault ... I tried all I was able 2 think off : 3 different PSU, 3 SD card and an USB drive, 3 armbian version (and the last from yesterday) and an openelec image ... Someone got an idea - an old kernel ? - or should I consider the board defective and throw it away ? The board was sold by "ameridroid" and is labeled :ROCK64_V2.0 2017-0713 (Quite old no ...)
  9. Well, I recently "repaired" my digital camera by cleaning contacts with methylated spirit (alcohol). Next time I got a problem on a SBC, I'll try that first ... (And solder if I can !) And anyway only buy connectors with golden contact anymore !
  10. I can decode HTSP from tvheadend with vlc on a pi zero at 1280x1024 but need something more powerfull for 1920x1080. (PI3B+ do the job so I think a PI3A+ would do). Can you give me some advice for small device that can do it ? Do you think a Rock64 could transcode DVD mpeg2 to h264 on the fly ?
  11. I never manage to have g_ether working with mainline kernel on H3 device. Last time, I thought I had it working with FA distro ... but only one end was receiving packets. So my nanopi -air is on the shelf and I use pi zero W (s).
  12. May come for bad addr to name resolution. Check your resolver.
  13. Maybe @igor could have a look because I think no external usb sound card can run ?
  14. Try : zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i USB_AUDIO If you dont see CONFIG_SND_USB_AUDIO=m then I think you may need to recompile the kernel ...